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Ayia Kyriaki Chrysopolitissa - Paphos

For Easter Sunday we went back to Paphos for a Greek Mass at the Church by St. Paul’s Pillar. It ended up that we went to the English mass instead but things go interesting when an old lady fainted (she's okay) during the holy water ceremony (I'm not Catholic so I don't know the correct term, sorry). Overall it was a great experience.
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Paphos Mosaics - Paphos

Beautiful coast with lots to see and do. We went to the Mosaics (again students are free) and wandered around Paphos (AKA Pafos). We didn't do a boat tour but there are regular tours everyday from a lot of boats. Got a free Segway ride for a couple minutes.
Kayli Olson

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Tombs Of the Kings - Paphos

Lost my glasses down a well, lots of climbing, lots of exploring. Loved it! Students get in free.
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