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Blue Lagoon - Southern Peninsula

One of the last things we did in Iceland was to make our way down to the Blue lagoon, a geothermal spa located in the South. It was an interesting experience to dip into the outdoor thermal pool set in a lava field, for the refreshing warmth was extremely comforting in the winter cold! The water is said to be extremely rich in minerals, which is excellent for the skin and health. They also had a special mud mask available that you could scoop a generous amount to slab onto your face, and later wash off with the water. Compared to Japanese onsens, the water was not boiling and was at a comfortable 40 degrees celsius max, but it also did not reek of sulphur which was a pleasant delight. There was nothing much beyond the pool for the standard ticket price (a whooping Euro 33 per entry), unless you purchase premier packages for the renowned spa, hotel and restaurant facilities. Being only 20 minutes from the international airport, it's a perfect layover stop if you happen to transit in Iceland.
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Blue Lagoon Iceland - Southern Peninsula

That afternoon we headed back down the coast to the Blue Lagoon. I’ve covered it a bit in this post, but it has to be said that, despite the tourist crowds and the accompanying overpricing, it was well worth a visit – one of the most relaxing things I’ve done since the hot baths in Budapest! I’m not really the mud scrub/face mask type, so I couldn’t really say if it did anything for my skin, but my general aches and pains from too many years of sport and the like felt amazing afterwards!!

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Miðgarður - Southern Peninsula

Midgard is as isolated as it gets, only accessible by Super jeep during the winter time. The cabin where I stayed at was located in the central highlands of Iceland, far away from any light pollution. This was the absolute best place to view the Northern lights. I spent my 2nd and 3rd nights in Midgard, completely detached from civilization. The hut had been the haven of a local family for decades. Warmed up by a crackling fireplace, the accommodation was the typical Icelandic hut style – two bedrooms with twin beds and two lofts. I spent my days discovering the nearby areas by Super jeep and snowmobiles; there is plenty to see with two glaciers and the Tindfjöll mountain range nearby. At night, in between barbecue and story-telling, I awaited the Northern lights to show their majestic dance across the sky.
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