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January to May and October to December is the best time to visit the island.
Trips to the beach and playing around in the water is surely on the cards here.
This varies and is based on ones duration, type of accommodation, places that one wishes to visit and other such charges.

Andaman Islands

The Andaman island lies around 1000 kilometers to the east of the Bay of Bengal and is the most remote state of India. To reach there, sone must take a flight from cities Kolkata, Vishakapatnam, and Chennai or travel by ship. The island is covered by dense green forests and is home to some of the oldest indigenous tribes of the land. White beaches and blue waters have resulted in the place being developed by the tourism department and today the island features on the list of must-visit places and holiday destinations around the world. The pace allows one to indulge in many water-based sports and activities like snorkeling, diving and underwater walking.
Aakanksha Magan
An archipelago of around 300 gorgeous islands in the Bay of Bengal, the breathtakingly beautiful Andaman and Nicobar Islands have a stunning coastline and lush forested interiors. Once the destination of the worst jail in the world, the city of Port Blair has blossomed into an amazing destination for both history buffs and culture lovers. Beyond the capital city lies Ross Island, an open museum of ruins from the Victorian era and silvery beaches. Further ahead is Havelock Island, the most popular of the Andaman Islands and a backpacker's paradise. For those looking for some beach nirvana, explore the stunning Neil Island, where time stands still and nothing can stop you from just letting go. The land of active volcanoes, beaches and forests, Andaman is still sparsely populated and largely unexplored. This is also the reason, in addition to it's obscure location, that entice intrigue and awe from travellers. Visit Andaman Islands to some mangroves, or just chill at sun-toasted beaches. Click here to know more about this sought-after beach destination.See and do: Dive underwater at Cinque Island; marvel at India's only active volcano on Barren Island; walk under the sea at Havelock Island; witness turtle nesting at Diglipur; shop for souvenirs at Aberdeen Bazaar; be awed by the sunset at Chidiya Tapu; go birding in Saddle Peak National Park; enjoy mangrove boat rides at Mayabunder; collect pearly white shells at Wandoor Beach; search and find the natural blue lagoon at the end of Elephant Beach; enjoy varied cuisine, from Chinese to Mediterranean and obviously, fresh seafood!Book an amazing package to Andaman Islands right here
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Andaman Delight (including flight from New Delhi or Mumbai)
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The untainted seas of the Andaman Islands are home to around 750 species of fish such as angelfish, parrot fish, loggerhead turtles and unique coral, all of which can be seen up close by diving deep into the ocean.What is scuba diving?
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This archipelago in the Bay of Bengal is an azure heaven for lovers of the beach and ocean. Along with pristine white sand beaches, the islands also offer a variety of water sport options, snorkelling being the most sought after. Some popular snorkelling spots in the Andamans are: Cinque Islands, Passage Island, Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, South Button Island, Elephant Beach, North Bay, Red Skin Island, Ross and Smith Island.
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For: Island hopping!
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For all islanders and beach lovers, Andaman is the best place to start the new year in India. It will get you hooked to mystical beachscapes and spa resorts, and make your jaw drop as it lights up with a golden hue.
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Scuba Diving in AndamanThis is the best thing to do if you are scared of water. Beat the fear out of yourself, get inspired by ZNMD and jump in! The sights underwater are truly breathtaking and will you leave you asking for more!
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A paradise of unparalleled natural beauty What an air traveler sees as the plane starts its final descent towards the Andaman & Nicobar Islands is a vision of enchanting beauty--brilliant green islands fringed with coral reefs floating in the vast blue of the Bay of Bengal. Islands are the only place in the world where Stone Age tribes could still be found in their native habitat. It is full of amazing nature beauty and stunning marine life. Nature lovers travel to these islands for its clean environment, roads, greenery as solitude
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The islands are renowned for their beautiful white sand beaches, coral & maritime richness, diving, snorkeling & surfing, it’s rich historic heritage and the enviable Laidback Luke-sque lifestyle of it’s inhabitants.