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Roopkund Lake

This is a very high altitude glacial lake in the middle of the Trishul Massif in the district of Chamoli in Uttarakhand. This place is mainly known for the large number of human skeletons which are found at the end of the lake. This lake is quite shallow and small too and is a part fo the route from Nanda Jat to Homkund. The lake is also known as the 'Mystery Lake' since the reason behind the death of so many animals and people are not yet clear. It is also strange to know that they had died about 500 years ago and some of these are so well preserved in the cold conditions that you can also see flesh attached when the snow clears a bit. According to local legendary tales it is said that ones the Kind Jasdal of Kanauj went for a tour of the nanda Jat region with his queen who was known as a goddess and also the princes of Garhwal. She was also known as Nanda Devi and she gave birth to a little baby girl over here. After this ecstatic moment, she decided to show her power and sent a hailstorm downhill which is said to have killed all the living beings there and we still find their skeletons at the end of this lake.
Tapan Kharssani
Without mysteries, life would be very dull indeed. What would be left to strive for if everything were known? : Charles de LintRoopkund Trek - a tale of Myth, Mystery, Virgin forests. Breath-taking views and campsite, undulating meadows, snow and ice. It is a ideal trek for a great adventure. You climb from 8,000 ft to 16,000 ft in few days.Didina VillageA Village without electricity and a remote place. Entire village is dark with almost zero visibility at night. Sky will be full of stars. A perfect location for stargazer!
3. Goechala TrekGrade : ModerateMax Altitude : 15100 feetMonth to visit : October - NovemberHighlight : The journey and the beautiful valleys
Shubham Harry
#TripotoClicksHimalayas"a life changing experience" it may be called. it was after this trek i realised my heart was born to wander and this wanderlust was incurable. it was my first trek and also the first experience in the mighty himalayas. this trek was special in many ways . i had just given my jee exam that time and i had been saving money from my pocket for a year. i never told anyone about what i was planning not even my family. also i was on my own and solo unlike the other trekmates many of who came along there friends or family. it was one hell of a life in those camps. exhausting climb,those mysterious stories about each base camp and how they were given a particular name , evening soup in the lap of himalyas , games ... every bit of it was worth it .this is a free advice to anyone who is reading this - atleast once in your lifetime just go for this trek 'be there at roopkund' . it will teach you many aspects of life . and this one my friend is a very important advice originally from my trekmates who were actually couple- if u are in love and are looking forward to a marriage just bring your partner to a trek and u will know how well they can support you in life despite the hardship and all the trouble.cheers to this one hell of a trip - Roopkund
Sourabh Zunke
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Dipika Taunk
Some destinations are worth being conquered.... and the journeys are way more beautiful.Being kind of a nerd, you could give me a book and a corner of a room and I would be most happy... but not any more...This being my first trek, and 53 Kms at that, this was something I had never imagined...Had never thought that I had it in me to trek each day, everyday for 6 days...Trust me once you complete it, the only feeling you get is of gratification... for everything that’s been given to us by the universe..Even though we went through myriad emotions throughout the journey, the camaraderie of the whole team was superlative.#roopkund #summitday6thJune #conquered #trekthehimalayas #happinessatthepeak #storiesfromthehimalaya
Leo Saldanha
We made it. Our team made it. Roopkund Lake, the mysterious skeleton lake.Scientists have proven that 1200 years ago a massive hail storm killed more than 300 people here. At a height more than one of Europe's highest mountain (Mt. Blanc), lies this mysterious lake piled with human skeletons.
Leo Saldanha
Day 6: Summit Day to Roopkund.2:55am June 15, 2017Bhagwabasa campsite.The most awaited day is finally here. The day everyone's been waiting for, maybe since months. All the training is finally going to pay. Less nervous and more excited dreams are gearing up for something they call an expedition.
One of the most picturesque and challenging treks of the Uttarakhand region is the Ronti Saddle Trek. The Ronti Saddle is a saddle between the two glorious Himalayan peaks of Trishul and Nanda Ghunti standing at an altitude of 5,200 metres. You must have heard eons about the mysterious Roopkund Trek and might have also done it. The Ronti saddle trek is approached from the Roopkund side and after crossing the Junargali Pass above Roopkund, you enter the Sheela Samudra Valley.
6. Roopkund Lake, Uttarakhand
Yasin Ahmad
Stuffing our gear in the boot bed we climbed in the cabin and moments later V Cross was dominating the hill side road towards Loha Jung. Journey back to Delhi was less tiresome as the route we had taken was Rishikesh-Haridwar-Delhi. Total time taken was 15 hrs which was 3 hrs lesser than our beginning drive through Nainital.
Rohan Bhasin
The next morning started at 3:15 am. We woke up, it was pitch dark & freezing outside. We had no intention of brushing or grooming today. We left our tent as is. Packed two day bags, filled the water bladders, put on the gloves & went into the tea shop. We met Raghu again & as per usual understood the route from him. After a cup of coffee we began the summit at 4:30 am sharp. It was a 3 km trek to Roopkund lake & another 500 mts to Junargali which is the highest point of the trail at 16500 ft/5100 mts.It was an unforgettable experience trekking in the dark with just the headlamp's light. We could see the serpent like formation of headlamps up ahead of us. We went slow & steady. The weather was below zero now. Slowly does it. Gradually we overtook almost everyone who had headed out before us. It were these little achievements that saw us through, especially the last km or so. We finally reached Roopkund at 7:30 am. It was in all honesty a disappointment as the lake was almost dry. The bones were very intriguing though, as was the little temple there. Nonetheless, we didn't waste any time & started to walk towards Junargali. Again, this is a steep climb but totally worth it. The view from Junargali is, for the lack of a better word, otherworldly. I was almost in tears since it seemed I could almost touch Trishul as it was really that close. This view is worth every discomfort you face on your way up. It is everything a perfect ending is made of. We just stood their, freezing to our bones just staring at Trishul. You can feel Shiva looking at you. You really can.We trekked back down & stopped as we crossed a little stream. It was shining brightly & taking a closer look we saw it was frozen. We walked further & stopped again to take in much needed sunlight. After about 20 minutes of sunbathing we started again & reached Bhagubasa at 9:30 am. We had trekked 7 km so far. Here we chilled for the next 3 hours. Sunbathed, made pasta, had tea, packed our gear, arranged for a mule. Paid the mule 900 bucks for the 12 km trek down to Bedni Bugyal. At 12:30 pm we started for Bedni Bugyal. We had another 12 km to cover but we were pumped after the summit. We literally ran down the mountain. There were short cuts that cut through the usual zig zag & took you down in a straight line instead. We took these & ran down without a break. We reached Bedni in 3 hours, the fastest bit of our journey. Here we sat at the Bednikund for almost an hour. It was so beautiful, the lake, a small temple & the grasslands, the endless grasslands.Finally, we made a move & pitched our tent. We found our bags in the same tea shop. The tea shop owner became a friend as we had interacted with him quite a bit when we had camped here a day back. He informed us that he would prepare lamb curry if we'd like. We were ecstatic to hear this & the plan was made. We would get the rum & once he had finished feeding everyone, all of us would sit together & eat. After making this grand plan we got back to our tent & started with our little party. We had a little rum & just had a ball. We were overjoyed with what we had achieved & were on a high. Later that night we got to the tea shop. The rum was distributed & we all sat together as one happy family & enjoyed Pahadi lamb curry. It was delectable & a perfect end to our adventure. We shared stories & laughs while taking in the beauty of the place.
vidhi bubna
Rakesh Malik
Rakesh Malik
Day 7This is the main day of our trek. We woke at 3 am when it is still dark. We started with torches and headlights, everyone lined up properly, following what guides were saying. It was a 3 km ascent to Roopkund. There were few scary places, with newly frozen slippery sheet of ice and narrow edge of snow. They put crampons on our shoe from midway, when we got near thicker snow. Finally we reached Roopkund by 6 am after a little bit of climb through thick snow. Among 13 people 9 went for Joonargali. I didnt go there, as they said there would be some rock climbing. Joonargali Pass is actually a view point from where you can see Mount Trishul and Mount Nanda-Ghunti properly. Instead I took a walk around the Roopkund lake. There were few skulls and bones all around. The guide said that the bones are human bones but few are bigger than usual human bones and there are lots of story about their origin. One bone could be seen stuck in frozen lake, which was a bit reddish too. Lake was fully frozen, but we were told not to go much near it as it may break and it is very deep.
Aman Sharma
Today, is the big day. Today we trek to Roopkund. We woke up at around 3:15. It was extremely cold. I had never experienced such cold before. I usually love the cold weather, but this was painfully cold. The reason we began trekking this early was the unpredictable weather conditions. The one thing locals knew for sure was that the weather is usually clear the whole night and in the early mornings ( hence the amazing stars ). But once it's 10 am, anything can happen. We begin our trek early so that we reach as soon as possible and return without experiencing bad weather. So we begin our trek at exactly 4 am. It is cold and dark.
Kaustubh Ugile
My trek to Roopkund in a brief.
Suvil sharma
Day 5 : Summit day comes 100's of people at Bhagwasa waiting for this day, Trek leaders check our Blood pressure and oxygen level.We moved towards roopkund and suddenly i started feeling uneasy, My body is wants to give up and after conversation with my trek leader i started moving towards base camps.But somewhere I want to summit, every effort which i did in lasts 3-4 months is wasted and I feeling i have to do that at any cost. Thanks to Prakashji who motivate me and I said him 'Mujhe jana hai roopkund' then he Replied 'Aa jao main leke chalunga'.Again starting from very small small steps, i am able to see my friends somewhere in mountains, Only one thing in my mind is I have to do that and finally Reached ROOPKUND.No body in this world is write or explain the Beauty of Roopkund you have to go there and Feels the Beauty of this Place. Frozen roopkund and Skeletons all around. Half an Hour sitting besides roopkund and moved towards Patar nachni which is our todays basecamp. From now we have to descent around 8 kms.All with the Happy faces came back to patar nachni and end up our day.
Abhishek Bhan
Unravel the mystery of The Roopkund Lake.Roopkund Lake is one of many Himalayan lakes but its gorgeous and mysterious setting make it stand out. The mystical aura that the place emits is addictive and one trip there will leave you yearning for more.
Roopkund is a high altitude glacial lake in the Uttarakhand state of India
Yogesh Pandey
Just ! Don't Look DownRoopkund was situated beautifully between the mountain. The water in the lake had a thin sheet of ice. Some trekkers were able to locate some skeletons on the outskirts of the lake surrounded by snow. Junargali looked achievable but soon the entire atmosphere we covered by fog and mist. So the trek leader dropped the plan. At Roopkund, we were served with Porridge which was bland but tasted heavenly.After quick surreal view of the surrounding and lots of pictures, we started our descent. It was foggy and we are unable to see if our group lead is at the front or back. In this confusion, we made a quick descent and reached Baghwabasa quickly. Here I cheated a quick nap while waiting for others. The weather turned hostile as it started raining at the time of descending. After having lunch in the main tent we made the quick decent to Patharnacahuni in ponchos. We greeted good luck to the travellers on the route going for the trek. At Patharnachauni while coming down we witnessed the strongest of the mountain winds and it was sheer fun. We reached Patharnachauni at around 3.30 pm which was followed by some quick naps.Last few stepsTemple At the TopRoopkund First viewSkeletons at RoopkundDay 8: Patar Nachauni to Lohajung via Bedni and WanToday was the 15 km descent from Patar Nachauni to Wan Village. From wan Village Transport was arranged for back to Lohajung. It took us three days to reach Patharnachauni now we have to do it in one day. However, descending down is a piece of cake compared to ascending up, the quote goes for life as well. We reached Bedni Bugyal and the clear skies gave the astonishing views of Trishul in the backdrop. From Bedni is the steep descend to NeelGanga river. Without getting in the eyes of the group lead we took steep shortcuts from the forest. It was fun playing "I Spy" with the lead but its not safe. We reached Neelganga river and had our lunch. Here we did face dips in the icy cold water just to get more sunburned. It was worth it.From Bedni: Nanadaghunghti and TrishulCan't get enough of this viewNeelGanga riverFrom here there is around one kilometer ascend to the top ridge from where wan village is visible. We literally ran downwards as the cloud started forming above our heads and we were in no mood of putting the ponchos back. At around 3 pm we reached wan and it just started raining. We reached Lojarjung after an hour ride from wan. At Loharjung, almost everybody took a bath after 5-6 days which was indeed refreshing. Meanwhile, everyone was sharing their experiences as the trek leader distributed the certificates. After a small party and lots of storytelling, we went to sleep.Mules going BackThe DescendDay 9: Lohajung to KathgodamToday's journey back was tiring, boring and long as everyone was engrossed in the Himalayas. We reached Kathgodam and watched movies to pass the time. It was when I reached home I realised that I am seeing myself in a mirror after 8 days. My mum exclaimed, "Went to Africa or what" after seeing my tanned face.This expedition was a true test of self, both mental and physical. But the Himalayas keeps your motivation high, fine meadows, peaks of Nandaghunghti and Trishul keeps you inspired. The end destination might not be as awesome, but at the end it the journey that matters.Pictures : Me, Abhishek and Debjyoti sirThis blog was originally published on 'Tech/Travel/Life'
Raj Doshi
Next day, we had to ascend to the top, Roopkund and Junargali. We woke up at 4 am and with the temperature being below -5 degree Celsius. It was almost impossible to get out of our sleeping bags. We all joked about it saying that it was a bit more difficult than passing IPCC. But we did it! We started out with flashlights in our hand, blood almost frozen and our toes and fingers oh-so-numb. We took baby steps and reached the top at 10 AM. The sights and sensations on reaching the pinnacle left us speechless, to say the least. That feeling of accomplishment when you stand there at 16,500 feet, above the clouds, with an unknown family eating aloo paranthas in freezing cold- there isn’t a word in the dictionary that would describe it!
Deeptangan Pant
Beyond Bedni Bugyal only the hardy tag along with the procession that climbs to Pathar Nauchaniya and Baguwabasa and continues to the glacial lake of Roopkund; it then crosses the Jyura Gali, or alley of death, to camp at the meadows of Shila Samudra before it embarks on its final leg to Homekund and then returns to the village of Sutol. This journey of Nanda Devi to the Himalayas is particularly interesting because at its core it represents the bond that humans share with nature and which can be fully understood only when viewed through the prism of hardship and endurance. So for a few days every decade hill folk gather in the shadow of the Himalayas to acknowledge the very mountains they toil against, to forget the rugged life of the hills and rejoice in the glory of their patron Goddess. Thereafter they go back to their struggles but with fond memories of the mountains, of never-ending bugyals stretching to the horizon, of mist gyrating around snow-laden summits and the sound of bells breaking the monotony of rocky ridges - with a hope to return yet again and bid adieu to their beloved Nanda.
Shashank Raj
Roopkund Trek | Bhagwabasa (14,117 ft) - Roopkund Lake (16,000 ft) - Junargali Top ( 16,500 ft) | Summit Point | Day 06The D day was here. After a quick cup of tea our team assembled. The camp broke by 3:30 am and we began our march. In pitch darkness, with torches and headlamps we marched. Like my friend Abhishek said, the entire game is about the last 500mts. Because when you approach the last 500mts that is when you realize why they asked you to sign a Waiver Form in the beginning. Sub zero temperature, howling wind, steepest trail and several mental break points is what the trail throws at you today. Gripping fear of death and spikes of adrenaline is what it takes you to realize that Heaven is a myth but the Himalayas are for real.I almost fell three times thanks to the slippery patches on that glacier. During the last few meters you do face a breakdown point because those few steps are truly an embodiment of the phrase "stepping out of your comfort zone". After climbing for few hours we finally reached the Lake. We actually made it. Roopkund Lake has very different vibe to herself. There she sat, a huge water body in a perfectly circular form and completely frozen. The silence of that lake is almost deafening.
Dronacharya Dave
Skeleton Lake (Roopkund, Uttarakhand)
Yeesha Prakash
We reached Roopkund finally, contemplated over the bones and th beauty, and returned to the camp at 1230. It was believed that the bones belonged to warriors from a forgotten era, but scientists have now confirmed that they are those of the pilgrims who perished in a hailstorm in 850AD.