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Abisko National Park

Ananya Ghosh
FRW Travel Tips:1. Plan your trip to a T, and make all your bookings as soon as possible. Prices remain fairly low in advance, and you’ll get an idea of what you’re diving into.2. DO NOT make bookings with any sort of agencies or tour companies that promise to show you the best sight of the northern lights. The Lights are, after all, a natural phenomenon, and it’s impossible to predict nature!3. As much as you can, try to make the trip as personal as possible. See what you like to do and be very strict about it. It doesn’t make sense to spend unnecessarily in one of the most expensive countries!4. If you’re looking to do ski adventures, dogsledding or any other activity that you cannot do on your own, book in advance! Making these reservations as soon as your accommodation & travel is paid for, they get sold out very quick!5. Layer up extra! Your quest for the Lights may take longer than you think.*To see more, follow me on Instagram @feetrunwild :)
Budget Accommodation in AbiskoOf all the Scandinavian countries, accommodation at Abisko is relatively cheaper. Most of the accommodations are either in the village near the Östra train stop or near the Turistation train stop.You can find hostel dormitory available at only USD 30 per night. You can also book private rooms at USD 35 per person in 2 people occupancy. You can find accommodation Abisko.net.Also remember, that hostels in Sweden do not include bed linen in the price. You have to rent bed linens, which would cost around 90 SEK (11 USD).The hostels have nice kitchen where you can cook your own food also. If you do not have proper winter gear, then you can rent them from here. You will get Snowsuit, winter boots and gloves for 150 SEK (18 USD) for your entire days of stay.Again, you have to book well in advance in order to get a good rate. Also festival seasons like Christmas and New Year sees a spike in the rates of the accommodation.