Sheikh Zayed Mosque - Al Maqta'a - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates 1/5 by Tripoto
Tasneem Merchant
The Sheikh Zayed Mosque also serves as the rest place for the Emir of the same name. This mosque is possibly the largest in the UAE and employs fiber optics to light it up. It contains ornate and exquisite marble inlay work, similar to that which is found in the Taj Mahal in India. Though open to all who visit it, the women are required to wear the 'abaya' a flowing black gown and men are required to cover their heads. Here's an interesting fact: The wall to wall rug in the mosque was originally mad in Iran. It was later shipped to Abu Dhabi, and finished in the mosque itself. The entire rug in handmade and hence, the women working on it were transported along with the rug for its completion. Now if that isn't extravagance, I don't know what is!