Roshni MS
That night at the hotel in Tel-Aviv, Rahul and I discuss in immense detail. “We’ve come so far! What are the odds we will ever get to go to Bethlehem again?!”, I crowed. But he needed his own research – Will Palestine be safe? How do we manage the travel? What about our travel documents – Do we carry our passports? Yes, all the important stuff. All I knew is I had to go. One thing echoed and rightly so – if anything were to happen to us in the West Bank, the Israeli government will not be held responsible.Some research and hours later, we decided to go. We zeroed in on Elijah tours to help us get there. We booked a private half day tour for Bethlehem and waited in baited breath until we hit the confirmation button. We were to visit the most holy site in the world for Christians, only located in a place which grabs the attention of the entire world for totally different reasons.