McMurdo Station 1/undefined by Tripoto

McMurdo Station

There are lots of crazy cool vehicles being driven around McMurdo and parts of Antarctica at large. Pisten Bulleys, Deltas, snowmobiles, Haglunds, big vans jacked up a huge tires… It’s pretty much a little boys dream. I never dreamed of driving such big and interesting vehicles as a kid, but this year I’ve gotten to a bit and the fun is not wasted on me. I’m a back-up shuttle driver this season and sometimes I get to drive onto the sea ice and out to the airfeild where planes land and people are getting their work on. I pick up said workers and take them to and from town. Or sometimes I pick them up from happy camper school - things like that. It’s nice to get out of the office and literally off the island too. For some people driving this stuff is NBD and they do it every day, but for me it’s still kind of exciting.