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Aeri de Montserrat

Mahalakshmi Venkatesh
On the 18th of March, I was all set to visit the Montserrat. Although the two way ticket costed me 22 euros, the mountains were calling me. And I couldn't refuse. There are trains which run exclusively to the Montserrat from the metro station at Placa Espanya. (So take a tube to the placa espanya metro station, from the underground closest to your location.)The train journey to Montserrat lasted for almost an hour.It wasn't raining too hard. But the thick fog limited the visibility. A lot of that which was clear to my eyes, was obscure to the camera due to the weather. And I couldn't click too many beautiful pictures of the mighty green mountains.It isn't just the mountains at Montserrat. The architecture and an experience of the rituals at the beautiful monastery will also make your visit worthwhile. The monastery can be reached directly by the train you take. An alternative would be to take the cable car from the last but one stop. My ticket to Montserrat included the cable car.As the cable car ride started, my nervousness was replaced by the thrill of travelling higher up.