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Belize City

You’ll arrive at the airport in Belize City and you’ll have to get to the bus station first. There is no public transportation directly from the airport, but taxi drivers here will charge you $25 US to get to town. Instead, you can walk down the airport road until you get to the main junction, and hop on a public bus which will take you to the main bus station. We were lucky enough to hitch a ride straight there, and left the driver with a small tip.Depending on what time your flight arrives, you may be able to catch a direct bus to Flores, in Guatemala. The last of these buses departs around 1:30pm. Otherwise, a bus that goes to the nearest border town, Benque Viejo, departs roughly every half hour from the bus station. Try to catch the express bus, as these will make less stops on the way and get there quicker. Buses are a cheap way to get around in Belize (ranging from $2-6USD per person)Once at the border town, you’ll have to take a taxi to the border. Many locals do this so you should have no trouble splitting a cab with some other people.
In Belize City, we arrived almost at dark, so it’s good to have an accommodation booked ahead.DAY 15: BELIZE CITY, CAYE AMBERGRIS (SAN PEDRO)
Kristen Gill
Belize’s streets are full of people selling fruit, fresh fish, crafts, and so much more. Here are some colorful characters I met while traversing small towns in northern Belize.
Jenny McIver
Ambergris Caye is known as one of the top diving spots in the world but since I’m not a diver, I wasn’t exactly sure what I would do with my 4 days there. (I briefly considered getting certified while I was there but then I remembered…I am afraid of sharks.) There are numerous fishing, diving and snorkeling trips departing daily to many of the outer islands or there are the ubiquitous hammocks dotting the shoreline. After 5 weeks of time zone hopping, I chose the hammock. I guess this was as good a place as any to recover from jetlag. I did take long walks every day to explore each end of the island and went out to dinner with my hotel-mates a few times, but mostly I just adopted the life of a beach bum for 4 days. If you haven’t done that in a while, I highly recommend it. Ambergris Caye is quite possibly the most laid-back place I’ve ever been. No one is on a schedule and the only traffic jams involve the islands’ numerous golf carts. Everyone seems to have a golf cart or a bicycle on this island and that’s all you need. There are a few cars but the golf carts are much more practical considering the narrow and sandy roads.