Kempegowda International Airport 1/4 by Tripoto
Mohit Agarwal
Reached back Bangalore and I was at the airport again not solo because I had with me not Shyam but lots of photos to work on.Waiting at the airport for 5 hours was quite strange but I managed by exploring the shops and playing with my photos..Soon was the time to bid a good bye...I came alone but had a new friend for the next time I visit and that's an asset of solo travel..
Venkatesh Nayak
I had been to Singapore for 5 days in Nov 2016 and this blog/post I would be sharing my travel experience.This will help for people who are planning a trip with Parents/FamilyDay 1I traveled via Tiger Airlines from Bangalore,India . flight was at around 12.30 am .we arrived at changi airport at 6am . Singapore needs prior Visa for indians. Immigration at singapore airport is simple for tourists , no questions asked. They just check the visa and immigration form and then stamp the passport.Once you arrive at the airport , i recommend you to buy a sim card (singtel tourist sim). This sim costs 15SGD . It is better to carry some SGD from india if possible . Benefits of this sim card is you can book Uber anytime and you can call india for 30 min.This sim is valid for 5 days. Local calls and messages are also free.
Mountainous Minny
I was roaming in the airport and full night I had spent sitting on a chair and looking at the photo collection and missing someone.But it was a memory at the airport full night awake and which I can share with my people. Looking at different people and how they will be miles away after 1 or 2 hours.Journey ends here with great memories.
Waited for 26 years to experience my first solo trip. To experience the day when i wake up and find it is just me.. what i want, where i want, when i want!Like most people, having done majority of my travelling with family and friends. That is when i realised i had so many other places i wanted to go, things i wanted to do, experiences i wanted to have, certain set of expectations from my trip. And everybody else had work, their own comfort zone, other commitments, confinements, constraints, needed more time of save up for trip, or had alltogether different set of expectations from the trip.After having observed all stereotyping about solo travel. After having realised that i cant wait anymore for anything if i wanted to experience something and never really liked doing touristy stuff wherever i have been to all these years in groups. And that i actually manage to function more efficiently when i am on my own. I was convinced that solo is the only way for me to go!!!
This time , I wanted to experience sub zero temperatures to judge myself if I can live all the year round and settle in Himalayas.Jan 1 2015 - Caught flight to Chandigarh in Bangalore.