Bhongir Fort 1/10 by Tripoto
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Bhongir Fort

Aditi Gupta
Karim S A
So, after having our breakfast at home, we left by car at around 08.30 AM, because we knew we would reach there by 10.30 AM even after clearing the traffic jams. Being Sunday, the traffic would anyway be a little less. So, as planned we reached at 10.15 AM and after parking our car at the entrance, we started our pada yatra. When first, you look at any hill or mountain, you feel at awe and wonder how you will climb so many steps. But mind you, that’s the best form of exercise and most lung friendly activity which not only fills your lungs with fresh air, but also makes your blood pure and your heart function properly. That’s why I always love mountains.The view from the top is always alluring. You feel like a bird. You feel as if you have conquered the world and you are the King.After having spent half a day, and having our lunch up there, it was almost 03.30 PM and the Sun was descending, and so was the time for us to descend too, from the top of the mountain. But it was truly a day well spent. We felt good, rather refreshed both in body and mind.Back home, it was the usual Kitchen for my wife, Books for my Kids and Office Work for me. But the approach towards Work changes and you do it with renewed energy, and the result is always positive.Would like to quote John Ruskin here, "Mountains are the Beginning and the End of all Natural Scenery"
Prakhyathi Masireddy
Pollution-free, not crowded, free entry and very close to Hyderabad city with easy transport and no pre-booking of trains required.