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Vaibhav Gangrade
In the morning, we rented bicycles to go around the village and explore the Sherabling monastery, which isn't very far from the main Bir market.Cycling towards the monastery was fun (mostly downslopes) but cycling back was really hard. Sherabling is a beautiful monastery. I love Tibetan people and their culture. They are the most tranquil and accepting people of all.
saikat basu
(27th December, 2016): We reached the next morning at Mcleodganj.Place of stay – Hotel Pink house: of stay/night – Rs.1281 (online)Food – There are a lot of places to eat outside the hotel. Make sure you experience it. Tibetan Kitchen is the best place to have some good momos/Tibetan food. My personal favourite was the lamb momos. Make sure you try it.Tattoos – There are a lot of studios here, but none are as great. However, you can have one if you want to have it as a memory. I got one.
Aniruddha Kulkarni
Hoist your sails up in the skies at Bir-BillingBir-Billing is open through the year, so there’s no need to plan ahead if you want to fly. A 1 hour 30 minute drive from Rakkh will take you to Bir. Bir-Billing is best spot for paragliding aero-sport in India and 2nd best place for paragliding in world. Bir Billing has also successfully hosted paragliding world cup in 2015.
Gunjan Upreti
Popularly known as one of the highest paragliding grounds, Billing is located 14km uphill from Bir. This hill station near Delhi has become the next hot pick for adventure enthusiasts who come here for an experience of a lifetime. Professional instructors with the right equipment guide you at every step. The views of the stunning Kangra Valley and the Dhauladhar Ranges at the height make it an unmissable adventure opportunity for Delhiites visiting Bir on a long weekend.Book your ride to Bir now.
Aakanksha Magan
Located at a distance of 115km from Château Garli is Bir Billing. It is the best place for thrill seekers. The second best destination in the world for paragliding, Bir Billing is where you can soar through the sky like a bird! , Paragliding here begins from Billing (8000ft above sea level) and ends at Bir (4500ft above sea level). It is the ultimate destination to enjoy this crazy adventure sport.
Divya Nambiar
To be completely honest, I hadn’t even heard of Bir Billing until last year. And I found out about it just like I have found out about a lot of other places – while doing research for another trip. My Spiti trip was a few months away, and I started Googling the life out of Himachal Pradesh. The two-week plan slowly panned out into a month-long one (that it didn’t happen is a different story I won’t bore you with), and that’s when I stumbled upon the names of Bir and Billing, and what significance it holds.For the uninitiated, Bir and Billing are two little villages in Himachal Pradesh, known for being one of the best spots around the world for paragliding. In fact, India hosted the World Paragliding Championship in 2015. How cool is that! At an elevation of 2430 m, Billing is the ideal take off spot. It literally feels like you are on top of the world. And Bir is a tiny little town teeming with Tibetans, it being a Tibetan settlement.
Two girls thought of planning a trip to Himachal - #Mclodganj . With no bookings, except tatkal train booking; we embarked on our journey.There are a lot of direct trains from Delhi/Mumbai till Pathankot/pathankot cantt.From there you can take a taxi for 2000INR or take a local bus for 150INR. From Pathankot to Dharamshala and from there till Mclod.The frequency of buses is quite good so there's nothing to worry, but they are non A/C buses.When in #Himachal , how can you give a miss to #paragliding .So from Mclod , paragliding  was on our list and we kept two days aside. Why two days. You can easily do up down to Bir - billing the same day but we had seen the weather there in past few days, and paragliding doesn't happen in bad weather.We took local buses to reach there as taxi takes 1500INR one side and 2000 for to and fro. Not up to cough up 2000, buses was next best option.Bus route - Mclod to #Dharamshala (if you are staying at Mclod) - 15 INR, you can even take shared jeep for the same price.From Dharamshala you can a bus till baijnath and from there till Bir road. Bus journey would cost something between 150-175 INR/per person.People there are quite heplful, so you can not get lost even while travelling long distance by bus.Stayed overnight at a guesthouse and booked next day early morning flight for paragliding. It starts by 6.30 am.#Bir is the landing site, whereas #billing is the take off site. There plenty of hotels near Bir, but Billing has very limited options that too only for camping( being uphill, take off site).We stayed at Chhoking Guesthouse which is managed by the Chhoking monastery. Completely safe, warm and helpful staff. This guesthouse is overlooking the monastery. Very clean rooms with light on stomach and pocket food. A room with geyser costed us 1000 INR ( again no bargaining) - double bed, two chairs, electric hot water kettle, towel. There are rooms available for lesser amount as well but they come with solar water heater.Weather was not in our favour so we got delayed and it finally started at 8 AM.Now, there are no chances of bargaining there for paragliding as there is a union formed and the least is 2500INR, including go pro and transportation . So don't waste your time in bargaining.It's a half an hour drive from bir to Billing (take off site). The journey till Billing is a narrow road where mostly the jeeps go. I would suggest go on light or empty smotach, as the journey of 15-17kms itself can make you nausiatic. But it is beautiful with oodles of greenery to calm your senses. You need to let the breeze touch your soul and in no time you reach the top.At this time of the season the take off site is lush green due to the rains. The weather at the top is on the colder side so those who feel cold should carry a jacket.Fill your eyes with different shades of green candies all around. Make sure to book a glider pilot through some source.Just a few steps of running and before you realize you are off the cliff and flying in the air.After that there's no stopping...just breathe in the air and look around. The 360° Panoramic view of the area will leave you spellbound.You are able to se Sherab ling monastery from the top.If you are ready to take adventure a few notches higher...ask your pilot for some stunts. He will be happy to perform a few. This comes with a warning- if you are weak hearted don't go for them.A tandem 30 minutes flight is something not to miss.#Birbilling is the highest paragliding point in India and home to some international events as well.Go for it and have an experience of lifetime - your lifetime.
Evening in billing
Bir-Billing is considered one of the most natural locations for the paragliding and is about 60 km from Kangra town. Paragliding World Cup (PWC) 2015 was hosted here. We had our pre booking (Paragliding and Camping), So We were followed by Guest house staff. After getting freshened up and having breakfast, We decided to explore the surrounding.
Preeti Singh
A taxi took us till the landing point of paragliding. From there a jeep took all the people gathered to Billing which was the take-off point. It's a half an hour ride till Billing. We had booked for video and photography CDs too. On reaching the point, they just take you one by one and start prepping you. It is such a chaos, all my companions had scattered to different places. All were getting prepped by different people. They keep throwing instructions at you. "Maddy, paanv upar rakhiyega...aapko daudna hai pehle...dariyega nai" I don't know what the hell maddy was. A man was just behind me. Apparently he would take the leap with me. Leap of faith I call it. But I saw a woman getting dragged on the rocky surface before taking off and I was freaked. And without giving me any time for composure, I was hauled by three men who were literally picking me up while I was barely trying to run and without even taking two steps of the run, I WAS FLYING. I was literally in the air. I tried to seat myself properly holding the camera stick in one hand which was provided by the men to shoot the whole glide. I was so up ! Up Up in the air. He tried to do some tricks by hurling me towards right and left, but it seemed like I would throw up so I stopped him. I was happy being in the air, there was no need for any enhancements to this. For 20 mins I was there, watching the world from above. And I talked to the man who was my faith. Then he gave me a few instructions about landing and then I was back down to earth... J It was thrilling.
Those who are looking forward to celebrations full of high-on-adrenaline activities, paragliding in Bir Billing has to be a must-experience inclusion in your adventure travel bucket list.Best Time To Visit: NovemberOther Things To Do: Sherab Ling Monastery, Bir Tea Factory, Tibetan Colony, Camping and trekking in Bir Billing Valley. 3. A Road Trip To Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir
After 1 hour long flight, I am back and it was really a lifetime experience.
My take-off and I was scared that why I am doing this but soon after my take-off I was relaxed but the adventure was always their.
Vidhi Bansal
#SwipeRightToTravelThis year 2016 - November, as I was turning 23, I decided to celebrate my birthday in a unique way. I decided to go for a solo trip to Bir Billing *The world's second highest peak for paragliding* and Trekking to Triund. It was a 4 days trip with all strangers. Being an introvert, I was a little skeptical but excited too.And, then the day arrived, the over night bus journey with strangers was the most thrilling one. We all became friends within minutes of meeting and had a blast during the whole road journey. We introduced ourselves, shared our views on why we chose to travel all alone and then played Dumb Charades and had a lot of laughter throughout.Next morning we reached our hotels, took an hour of quick nap and got ready to leave for our first adventure.THE PARAGLIDING - Trust me when I say, while we were on our way to the spot from where it will start, we all had many questions, since we all filled an undertaking form - which said *if any accident happen the company will not take responsibility. Imagine you are going to jump from 78000 ft above sea level, with no one taking the responsibility of your life. Scary, isn't it?😰We all were too.. Our hearts beating so fast, with excitement and fear both. Soon we were at the top.We all were taken up by one para glider instructor and he started to wrap us up with the seat and para glider.I was the second to jump, very scared and a lil excited (seeing down took away all the excitement), I did as per I was told, ran and phew.. I was in the air.I wish I could give expressions here.This was the most magical experience of my life. I was in the air, up from the ground, flying like a free bird - *MY DREAM OF FLYING LIKE A BIRD CAME TRUE!! Yippee..!*😍Okay! Too much excitement shown :pI flew for 25 minutes over whole of bir billing and palampur city and it was a breathtaking experience. I wish I could go back and fly again - this time more free. 😁After paragliding, we did a lil bit of sightseeing and then headed to our hotels to rest since the next day awaited too much of exertion.In the evening we had our dinners and sat down for a born fire cum musical night. It never felt we all met just 24 hours back. Woah!Next day was the Trekking day. We trekked for 4.5 long hours to Triund. Saw the sunset so close... It was 0 degree chill up there and the best part - Star Gazing the entire galaxy with so many SHOOTING STARS. Yes! Yes! I saw so many shooting stars.🙈It was an astounding experience. I saw the sunrise from the mountains. You know that first ray that crawls out when sun is about to rise. I saw that. It was a terrific view.After sunrise, we had our quick munch of breakfast and started our trek down to the city.We sat at a lounger for lunch and where the next few hours went off no body knew. We played UNO sitting at that amazing place with amazing food, with the most amazing SOLO TRAVELERS who were strangers few hours ago.None of us wanted this journey to end. It was my first and for many of us in the group and we all loved the experience.Next morning when we reached Delhi, none of us wanted to go back home..This trip came and went by like a dream. A TRUE DREAM. WITH SO MANY MEMORIES AND NEW FRIENDS.Yes! We became so good friends that we all are still in touch on whatsapp and facebook. Have our own whatsapp group and planning for our next trip soon.IT WAS A MIND-BOGGLING EXPERIENCE. ❤
Sreshti Verma
Spend today exploring Bir on foot. Take a hike from the Tibetan Colony to Upper Bir and watch the views turn majestic. You can also take this time to go paragliding. Billing is known as the paragliding capital of India. Approach any of the several adventure tour operators in Bir and book a morning of adrenaline rush!
Yamini Gupta
If you wish to grow a pair of wings & fly high, pay a visit to a quaint yet picturesque village, Bir in Himachal Pradesh. Jump from the second highest site (Billing) of the world to fly for an uninterrupted, soul-indulging ride of 35 – 40 minutes long at INR 3000 only.It’s a gift – the free life!When they first harness you, it feels just like an ordinary thing before any other activity. When you see the parachute spread wide on the ground, it looks like any other adventure gear. When you look around; see people taking off, you don’t even bat an eyelid.It’s only when they ask you to run, you realize how magnanimous, majestic it is. Jumping from 8500 ft. + doesn’t give you an adrenaline rush. It gives you the rush of your life. You fly high & mighty in the sky & all your troubles vanish into thin air. You glide swift & smooth like an Eagle eyeing its prey from thousands of feet away. It liberates your soul; you begin appreciating the gift that has been bestowed upon you – the free life.
Pankhuri Agarwal
I need some air, some aderanaline rush, some adventure. Is Triund everything this place can offer? Well, no. It is time to explore the horizons of sky. Next stop is Bir Billing. World's second best site for paragliding. The kickass magical Bir will give you some lifetime thrilling moments.Also, 8 Km away from Dharamshala is a village known as Khaneara village. You will definitely want to visit this place if you want to taste the old yet real taste of India. Surprisingly, people here still use conventional methods for their daily chores.Dharamshala , the land of healing, by all means is a boon for those who are on their spiritual journey. Chamunda Temple in Dharamshala, Dalai Lama Complex, church of St john with wilderness, Bhagsunag Temple and many more places are there to provide you with all the spiritual boost you need. Cricket stadium is the major attraction in Dharamshala. If you are more of a planner and less of a random explorer person, I will suggest you to plan your trip in September. The reason being Annual Dal Lake festival happens in September and it is not something you will like to let go off. Foodies, alert ! Dharamshala has amazing cafes which offers amazing cuisines. To select the best one among them, is a very difficult task.
Varun Sharma
Bir Billing is known for Paragliding and Trekking, Hosted Paragliding world cup in Oct 2016. Trek which i done with friends for sunset view to local house at Ghodnala from Bir.
A decent place with a breathtaking view. I would have preferred a camping site rather than staying in a hotel but that was not possible due to rain and snow. Would love to go again just for camping in Billing.
Yattin Rana
Introduction:If you ever feel the adrenaline rush and would want to do something adventurous like Paragliding in India, then believe me my friend, Bir-Billing in Himachal Pradesh is the place to go. We went to this place on an unplanned trip with no intentions of doing anything like Paragliding, however after hearing about it from the local residents, we decided to give it a shot while we were on our Road Trip & believe me, this decision of ours turned out to be the best thing that happened to us on our Trip.Location Overview:The Bir-Billing area is a popular site for Paraglider pilots, both Indians and visitors from all over the world. The flying season is from September to October, with some flying also done in November. It is also suggested to visit the place during October, when the Paragliding World Cup takes place. The paragliding launch site is in the meadow at Billing, at an elevation of 2400 meters, while the landing site and most tourist accommodations are in the village of Chowgan (also spelled Chaugan), on the southern edge of Bir.How to Reach:There aren't many direct buses available, however Baijnath a very popular pilgrim center about 30 minutes from Bir-Billing has few overnight direct buses from different cities. From Baijnath, you can take a bus to Bir & then a cab to Billing, or preferably you can directly hire a cab from Baijnath that directly goes to Bir-Billing.One can also commute the journey to Bir Billing by train in the Kangra Valley Railway Toy Train. Nearest Toy Train Railway Station is Ahju, which is 17 KM from Billing & you can Hire a cab to Billing from there.The Nearest airport is 80 KM at Gaggal.You can go by your own car till Billing itself and roads are also quite smooth in Himachal Pradesh.Our Drive from Delhi to Baijnath:We left Delhi early in the morning at 2:00am as usual in our own car, as we don’t have to face the city traffic at that time & we crossed Chandigarh till the sun came up. The preferable route to follow is, Delhi, Chandigarh, Una, Kangra, Baijnath, Bir-Billing. To be honest, drive from Delhi till Una is pretty boring, but just when you cross Una, the hilly area starts and you start enjoying the drive, but at the same time the driver also needs to focus on the roads & I don’t need to tell you why.We reached Baijnath next day in the evening, which was little late, as we have a habit of stopping by every place on the way, that appears to be interesting for a visit. I have my home at Baijnath, so we decided to spend our night there.Our Drive from Baijnath to Bir-Billing:The next day, we had to drive to Bir-Billing & we left at 11:00am after the delicious homemade breakfast. The distance from Baijnath to Bir-Billing is just 26 KM, but the road from Bir to Billing is pretty narrow & you really need to be a skilled driver to drive on that road. At Bir, we booked our Paragliders & it cost us 2,500 per person, which included video shooting as well. Just to mention, you don’t really need to book your Paragliders online, as you can easily find one at Bir at reasonable cost.The exact distance from Bir to Billing is merely 14 KM, but because of being such a road, it take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour for reaching on the top. Car directly reaches the launch site & you don’t really need to do any walking or trek as such.When you reach on the top, all you see is Paragliders all around you. It’s really mesmerizing to see the Sky filled with Paragliders, Paragliders ready for taking off & people getting ready with their gears with the help of organizers & pilots etc. Do I also need to mention the view that we had from the top. However it also gives you chills, when you see others taking off & the idea of jumping off the cliff for your take off really frightens you. So, I would also suggest you to avoid looking at the take offs, if you are already bit afraid of the same.
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Famous for Paragliding, Billing is about 30 minutes from Bir village. The road to the top of town is narrow and steep. Drive slow here.
Bir Billing called as the "Paragliding capital of India". Bir Billing is best spot for paragliding aero-sport in India and 2nd best place for paragliding in world. If you are in an adventurous mood then head out to the Bir Billing Paragliding site. They charge 3000 Rs. for the ride and 1000 Rs. for your pictures and videos. The place has visitors from all over the world. Many solo paragliders fly at Bir-Billing regularly and it is a beautiful site watching them.
Billing is the camping & paragliding spot. Adventure lovers can trek from Bir to Billing. The camping experience at Billing is one of its kind experience.
Preeti Vishwakarma
Bir billing paragliding - 2nd in the world & No.1 in asia