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Jyotirmoy Gupta
On the second day I went to Auroville which is near Vedanta. Auroville is a community which thinks differently from us. They don't have cash/ATMs, there you have to earn your bread by working for the community . You have to go through a proper procedure to stay as an Aurovillan, otherwise you are just a visitor. But being a visitor is also not too bad. You have to give it up to them, the aurovillans turned a completely barren land to lush green forest. They have only one propaganda, universal harmony. As a visitor you will only get to see the main attraction, Matrimandir from outside. But if you go their website 6-7 days prior, you can book a meditation session inside the matrimandir. Whether or not you believe in spirituality, the place has a different aura.I don't know if its the architecture or peaceful forests.
Swagatika Sarangi
AurovilleQuoting from a board I read in auroville and its purpose, “Auroville wants to be a universal town where men and women of all countries live in peace and progressive harmony above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The purpose of Auroville is to realise human unity.” Isn’t this freaking amazing? Staying somewhere where people are nice and kind to each other, I might settle down there after I retire which will be after I don’t exactly know when. But would definitely consider staying in the nature and greenery. With flowers and trees of n number of variety, smelling a different fragrance every time you walk past one area, meeting people from all around the world, this place is my idea of “me-time” place.
The Travelling Gene
Mohini Raj
Day 1: Auroville, Auroville beach, Cafe Xtasi, Rock beach, Gandhi Statue, Promenade Beach, White town, Basilica of sacred heart of JesusAuroville is 15kms from Pondicherry. Google map came to our rescue and it took 30 minutes to reach Auroville. This place is famous for its Matri Mandir. To visit the Matri Mandir a 2 day prior reservation is needed. The place is very quiet. We did not have the reservation so we could have only the view from outside. It looks like a round shape golden ball.
Created out of a wasteland, Auroville is an universal town which is a perfect amalgamation of nature and peace. Travelers from all over the world come to Auroville and live together peacefully. The main attraction here is the Matrimandir that is surrounded by four zones namely the cultural, industrial, residential and peace zone. Apart from this, Auroville is protected by a green belt that serves as a barrier against the urban interference.Best Time To Visit: JanuaryOther Things To Do: Paradise beach, French cuisine, Seaside promenade, bicycle tours and boat rides. 13. Watch The Retreat Parade at Wagah Border In Amritsar, Punjab
Nandita Sharma
The air carried a song which I had known all my life but it was only now that I was hearing it for the first time. If not material renunciation for Auroville, going back to the city brought a heavy sense of renunciation of Auroville which had caught my heart joyous, body at peace and the mind at play. I found my self letting go of a utopic nowhere which was like a Disneyland for the soul.
Footloose Backpackers
Our second day was filled with adventure, for we had decided to go to Paradise beach and Auroville. Our first stop was Auroville. The ride (Activa) was smooth and the experience was good.
Pritishree Dash
After a 12 km ride, we reached Auroville. It is an experimental township designed by architect Roger Anger. It was the dream of Mirra Alfassa (known as "the Mother"). The place was not like any other usual place. It seemed like an ideal world. Auroville is a universal town where men and women of all countries live in peace and progressive harmony. It's purpose is human unity. We were greeted by a wind chime hanging from a tree with its occasional music. It was a serene place filled with trees. From organic food to renewable energy usage, we saw everything we had wanted to see together at one place.
Diksha Batra
The next day we rented scooty and bikes and followed our way to auroville. Auroville is 12km from Pondicherry, a spiritual place established by Mirra Alfasa, popular as The Mother dedicated to the vision of Sri Aurobindo.The structure is ecstatic though it takes a long walk to reach there. It contains solar panels. We could not explore much as we were not allowed inside.
So the day began at 0500 hrs had set up my gear and saddle bag a day prior and was good to go. My sole purpose was to catch a glimpse of the first ray of sunshine on the highway and capture the moment. I wasn't very lucky but all I got was the morning sky which was encouraging enough.
Damini Aggarwal
We decided to rent a Scooty and go to Auroville. The city is founded based on the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo, dedicated to human unity. At the centre of the township, lies the 'Matri Mandir' or 'Temple of Mother'.I would not recommend the food that is served inside Auroville, it's better to have food in nearby cafes.
Enjoy some peace at AurovilleReach Pondicherry early in the morning and leave for the Auroville.There are plenty of Autos available almost everywhere in Pondicherry but if you don’t speak Tamil and don’t know the distance they tend to overcharge you a lot. Hence, it’s a better idea to book cabs. You can also take a Scooter/car on rent for a hassle-free trip.Opening Hours : Monday to Saturday - 9 am to 1:00 pm and 1:30 pm to 4.30 pm.
8. Pondicherry and Auroville, Tamil Nadu: Known for its French style architecture, cafes, and beaches, Pondicherry is the perfect place for those looking for a quiet, laidback vacation. Around 15 kms from Pondicherry lays Auroville, an experimental township/community which houses people of over 50 nationalities, who follow the teachings of Sri Aurobindo. Close by is also the Sadhna forest, a community that aims to restore the tropical dry evergreen forest that is native to the region. This otherwise hot and humid region remains pleasant in winter, and is hence one of the best places to visit in October in India.
Pritha Puri
Auroville is famous because of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, and it is a city that aims at creating a community-living environment. The people in Auroville are extremely friendly and they will go out of their way to help you. Auroville is perfect to enjoy lazy days and relaxed meditation sessions. We love Auroville so much because it is one of the best holiday destinations in December in India. If you're looking forward to spending a peaceful time with yourself or your family this December, then you should go to Auroville. You can also visit Puducherry for day excursions and enjoy the beach side with some delicious Portuguese food. Puducherry itself, is surrounded by old-fashioned bungalows and buildings that will transport you to the erstwhile French rule in India.How to reach Auroville:You can take a flight to Puducherry and from there take a bus or a taxi till Auroville.
Gunjan Upreti
6. Visit Auroville – A place where people come to live their dreams.
Pritha Puri
Away from the hustle bustle of your work life, you can unwind and relax in Auroville this August. Even though Auroville is great all throughout the year, the starting of August is a good time to go because most tourists return after the summer vacations. Auroville is a complete destination in itself; you can volunteer for them or meditate in the ashram with other people as well. This is one vacation, where you should have no plans in mind, and be completely spontaneous!The nearest airport is Chennai International Airport (MAA), and the closest railway station is the East Coast Junction in Pondicherry (15 km).
Saturday morning, i checked out of the guest house at 5:00 a.m. itself and took the bus. No, not to find another stay, but towards Auroville . it is known for its beach, Temple, Ashram, café, cycling, meditation, retail outlets, peace, contemplation and much more!. got down at Auroville bus stop and took an auto for temple as it was 13 km from the bus stand (not the best route!).I had got plently of time with me before the temple entry gate actually opens at 9:30 a.m. so I opted to have my breakfast inside the ticket counter premises there at one of the cafes, inquired about the tickets for meditation inside temple, they have also got several stores there inside the premises selling imported items like captivating paper bulbs, scented candles, dresses, etc. and there is also a separate cycling path for the ones who want to cycle their path around! This all turned out to be a great passtime for me :)
Auroville, Tamil Nadu: Everyone should visit this charming experimental township at least once for a slow travel stint. With their aim of realising human unity, the inhabitants encourage people from across countries, religions and backgrounds to come and stay. Imagine the peaceful vibe when you are at work in this township designed by architect Roger Anger What are you waiting for? Take your pick and pack your bags! Trip first published on Digital Nomads India
Girl with a Tripod
After some time of waiting, the journey began. We started our drive navigating our way to Auroville our first stop. As the name suggests, it is a City of Dawn it is indeed a city of dawn, I have never seen a place like this ever before in my life, and that too in India. As soon as you enter the place, it gives you a feeling of calmness. The aura of the place is such that, you cannot have a disturbed mind, as the place is way out of the disturbed world. We started with the museum which talked about the history and the teaching and had many of the quotes displayed.
Pranabandhu Nayak
Went to a local food stall and had some delicious breakfast and stored some energy in the body to explore pondychery. Heard of availability of self driving bikes from some folks but nable to find one due to more people in the town. So booked a cab for the day. First went to the less crowded serenity beach, the beach was not so good but found some people there doing surfing in the water. Then we started towards Auroville, the must visit place of Pondicherry. Auroville was calm, quite and a beautiful place for the seekers of divinity. Though unable to get into the Matrimandir due to unavailability of space, we spent some quality time in Auroville.
Anusha Alvandar
Auroville-The Universal city is a great place one must visit in Pondicherry. We find the true human spirit alive with no man-mad contamination like caste, creed, race. You feel the utmost peace and the Matri Mandir is very beautiful and a sight worth the walk. The pottery and other handicrafts we bought were very artistic and economic too.
Shreya Sohan
It's in Tamil Nadu, 15kms from Pondicherry.There are a few things to see in the museum. The walk to the dome was tiring but the dome was an impressive piece of architecture. After the ashram, we visited the Auroville Beach. The waves are really high there, no changing rooms available. A lot of local boys staring and passing comments. Beach was fine but couldnt really enjoy because of the local crowd.
A universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony, above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The purpose of Auroville is to realize human unity.
Aashish Jain
Want to wintness the artisans and their work , Then Auroville Town offers you the most. You find all sorts of hand made eco friendly products being developed and crafted here. Right from small bags to Hammocks , from ceramic utensils and plates to large idols.
An experimental township specifically designed for all human kind to live in peace and progressive harmony.