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Yung Kee Restaurant

Sharon Phang
I did my little "research" about Yung Kee Restaurant before writing this post and I must say that I was pretty disappointed to have missed out their signature dish--the Roast Goose. But on the bright side, I have showed mercy on my purse for not having them because the foods shown above in small portion have already cost us around HKG200. I'm pretty glad that I visited this place. The foods were awesome especially the Lau Sar Pau (Salted Egg Custard Bun). I've never tasted anything like this and I like how the fillings flowed into my mouth so smoothly without any obstacle. Seriously this is the best Lau Sar Pau EVER. The Mango Glutinous Rice Ball was nice too. Very fresh and not over-sweet.
Beef Hor Fun which i thought was light and done perfectly how I love it. The beef is tender and not overcooked. Pi Dan - according to my frens, this is the only restaurant that could achieve a runny egg yolk. Not a Pi Dan lover and can't comment much. Roasted Goose - much more meatier and succulent than a roast duck. Highlight would be the crispy goose skin and the thin layer of fat that comes along with it. However, its too oily for my liking.