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Hilton Cebu Resort and Towers

Jenny McIver
I walked around the hotel to took a few pictures of the deserted beach and pool area and during a brief break in the rain, I noticed there were two people heading into the water to do some snorkeling. Now, why didn’t I think of that? I mean, if you’re going to get drenched on land, why not just get underwater? It was also the perfect opportunity to practice a little more with my new underwater camera gear. The hotel’s beach had a protected coral area for snorkeling so I grabbed my camera and took to the water. The snorkeling was fun but not as great as it should have been since days of rain had clouded the water quite a bit. Next stop was Magellan’s Cross, a replica of one planted here by Magellan when the very first Filipinos were baptized. When Magellan first arrived in Cebu in 1521, a new chapter in Philippine history began. The local chief was surprisingly receptive to Magellan, even agreeing to a baptism that was the first stroke of Christianity in the region.