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Lin Heung Tea House

Bhavna Satyanarayan
If you can’t speak Chinese, better practice sign language or muster the courage to point to something randomly on the menu and eat it. The old waiters here can’t speak a word of English and nor can the menu. Most people enjoying their Yum Cha here seemed as old as the place itself (more than half a decade). It was filled mostly with locals and the food looked as authentic as the place. Old ceiling fans, a wall clock, rickety tables and dated, slightly chipped crockery added to the charisma of the place. I could muster up the courage only to have some Chinese tea here as most items on the menu looked like beef, which I don’t eat (I could be terrible wrong). I missed the husband here again, as he would have pushed me to try something for sure. I hear that the dim sums here are the most genuine. One more thing to go back to, the next time.
Dimsum here is cheap and good. Definitely worth the visit!!