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Morni Hills

These are hills along with the Morni Village. There is not much you can do here except for lazing around and enjoying the beauty of nature. The place is famous as a watchpoint and known for Himalayan flora and fauna. The colorful flowers and migratory birds are a sight to behold all round the year.
Umang Dave
Day: 3 On day three we stared our journey to Gurudwara Guru Gobind Singh Sahib. Before reaching to Delhi, we visited an amazing place called as Morni hills which is near Haryana. We stayed there in a homestay.
#TripotoTakeMeToDeoriatal Morni Hills near Chandigarh is a weekend bliss for the people of Chandigarh. You can go to Tikkar Taal lake and enjoy your cup of coffee with some parathas served there. Also you can go to an almost abandoned adventure park that offers a mesmerizing view of the lake from the tree house inside it. To be true if you want to be away from all the madding crowd of the city you should just go to Morni Hills.
Sanjay Wadhwa
ROHIT AND VIJAY REPLIED IN A SEXY MOOD , okay "sanjay" lets make it happen then... Are you really going or not ? - got a call from sister.   i said okay i am ready but i have to lions with me ,.. they said - okay then,  COME QUICK,, WE WILL LEAVE AT SHARP 4 O CLOCK.....         we all gathered at my sweet home and started to plan ..... me and my friends and my both sisters were ready to go now .. it was sharp 4 0 clock and everything was ready to perform......   i was in middle of the car and my friend drove the car as i said lets go  in the name of fun..  we all reached at Chandigarh in the morning around   8 o clock.. i was eating head of everyone ,, please go to somewhere "jaha khud se milne ka mauka mile"... my sisters were not understanding what i wanted to say at that moment but my friends were appreciating it...  but this destiny wanted to show us something fishy, like never felt before and seen as well...we drove the car at panchkula  ,it was quite good place, i was really enjoying that moments when we got entered in Chandigarh . ,my eyes were watching all the beauty of so called Chandigarh.   we asked to someone "bhaiya tikkar taal kaha hai".. he said- left lekar sidha jao , kuch duri per aapko sab dikh jayga". i was continuously watching him and he was just looking at somewhere .. he was not able to look me in the eye..  he was like a thief who had stolen something. but its okay ..... i was okay with it.... vijay pull over the car in the middle of road in a Morni Hills. At this point we could see the whole beautiful view of valley...  ( now read carefully)????????????i opened my door and took my feet out from the car , i stood up and closed the door... then i was just normally walking on road ... vijay was feeling very scared and my sisters and Rohit and i was just normally walking... i said - what happend?  why dont you guys come out and see this beautiful world.. at that moment vijay wanted to say something.. and he said - oye car apne aap start ho rahi hai....i said - what rubbish you guys are talking about.. just come out and be normal.... if you are feeling something like that so it may occurs because they exist  in  third world problems as you all are aware of.They came out and normally started to click their selfies...and they all bloody were  looking like a fashion fiesta icon... but i really wanted to feel something like that its never happend before and then suddenly car started again,, this time we all were out from the car... and how it is possible that car could start automatically..  we all were creating different types of illusions like - what the fuck,  what type of monster is it? , i was normally saying ,"hey is there anyone who can drive this car for us... then suddenly car started again...This time i got scared and shut the fuck up my mouth and started to pretend that nobody is here like that,, i said dont disturb us . we are from delhi.. and we are here to have fun not to listen you.... we need to go , kindly leave us buddy....And again we drove the car to our destination, we had all fun, we walked in the mountains , had the best food ever,  seen the best scenes ever,,,and the important part is we came back safely  ........After coming to home i decided to look forward to this story of an unseen ghost ... it was just a horrible moment and i am feeling safe again.... 
Susan Sharma
The weather was good. It had rained for two days so the drive up was picturesque. We stopped the car many times just to take in the scenery. On the way we passed many other cars doing the same. Ha! this is like heaven after the hustle bustle of daily life. View of Chandigarh from half way up Morni Hills, on the Shivalik range. Lush green creeper, the leaves of which are used for making leaf plates(patthal) " Nature Camp, Forest Department" My husband noticed the board. Shall we check this out? But then we cannot make it to the top which is still 12 km away. Remember we need to go back by evening." A quick decision was made -nature camp it is. After all Forest Dept would have selected the most scenic spot on the hill, I reasoned. It was a scenic spot. On top of a small hill surrounded by nurseries for trees and freshly planted variety of trees. The thatched roof dining hall looked inviting. The stilted huts reminded us of the tourist huts we had seen in the islands of South Korea. The carefully tended nursery at nature camp. We decided to take a different route back to Chandigarh. A short cut from the other side of Morni Hills. A road not well developed and full of potholes. Each pothole reminded us of the reality of our country's serious efforts to preserve the pristine. The roadside was dotted with trucks and stone crushers for miles on end. The houses and slum dwellings seemed to have just one focus-cutting the mountain, mining the stones and crushing them.