Zostel Bir 1/18 by Tripoto

Zostel Bir

Cherish Santoshi
In Bir, try - Zostel - Super chill vibe and beautiful service. They have opened up their new facility close to the landing site. So, amazing views throughout the day! :)
Shilpa Shashidhar
Since I was travelling solo, I decided to stay at Zostel, Bir and what better to place to meet other solo travellers. Totally loved my stay here. It’s a 10 minute walk from the main town, yet secluded to enjoy the countryside. They have some amazing outdoor seating area where you can just chill with fellow travellers or read a book. While I was having my breakfast in the open sitting space in Zostel, I could see colourful parachutes floating in the sky and I could already feel the butterflies in my stomach. In a few hours, I would be up there too, experiencing it all!
Karan Kapil
Checked in to Zostel and it already felt like we were at home. We purposely chose a dorm instead of a private room in order to mingle with people and get along with different perspective(s) in sight and people from different diaspora.We chose to chill at Zostel take a nap and post which we just explored the property. It has a lounge on the terrace to just sit and chill with people.Moving ahead we explored the Tibetan Colony market and binged ate the local delicacies. Cafe Vairagi is one good outlet I can recommend.We spent the night at Zostel mingling with people.
Lopamudra Mandal
We reached Bir around 6.30 am and the views were just breathtaking. Since i booked in short notice the only option I had was a mixed dorm and it was weird to walk in to a room full of sleeping strangers. But the bunker beds were very cozy and the Zostel property over all is amazing especially the staff is extremely helpful. They also have buffet breakfast on additional pay which you can opt for. I would suggest you freshen up and give Garden cafe a try though it opens up around 8ish and is about 15 mins from Zostel.
Apoorv Garg
Zostel Bir, though a bit expensive, has a lot to offer. The Staff is amazingly helpful and provide you with all the information you need about the place. The rooms are amazingly done and so is the shack and the common area. It offers a complete hostel experience and I will suggest a stay at Zostel if going in a group.