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Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake
Jatin Jhalani
The Kayangan lake and Baracudan lake are a must to visit in Coron. You need to get tickets from local travel agencies and you can either take a group boat or a fisherman's boat, which accommodates two persons at a time excluding the fisherman. We booked fisherman's boat from the Maquinit village and it was one of the best experiences during the entire trip. Our two boats were the only objects as far as we could see.
Venkatesh Nayak
Day2For our activities the next day we booked through our resort and opted for a group tour which included island hopping at Siete Pecados: Rich marine life. Great place to snorkel. Grab your underwater cameras to capture the school of multi coloured fishes and sea snakes.Kayangan Lake: This is the most photographed spot in coron. Trekking up and down the pathway to the lake offers a breathtaking view. The lake is a great place to swim around surrounded by tress and rock formations there is small cave like formation at one side of the lake where you can swim. The water is crystal clear making the rock formations underwater clearly visible.
Kitty Iyer
Kayangan Lake:This lake is the 2nd clearest lake in Asia! Kayangan Lake is surrounded by limestone mountains. Getting there involves a short trek of 15 minutes but it was so worth it! The color of the water was unbelievably blue!