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Trail to Triund Hill

Priya Sharma
McLeodganj has a beautiful mountain ranges and waterfalls. Buzzing with travellers, the McLeodganj has a lot to offer for travellers from pristine views to attractive waterfalls.McLeodganj attracts thousands of international visitors each year.Ain’t it beautiful, the tall trees looked tremendously fascinating? The mountain peaks calling us to go wild with anonymous surroundings. The time we entered to McLeodganj and de-boarded the bus, it starts raining so we all thought to have a Maggi and tea as our hunger strikes up and which is easily available on every point on your visit to McLeodganj. We planned to visit Mcleodganj on the same day but suddenly rain trashed our plans so we booked taxi to Dharmkot to try our luck once again but everyone was saying don’t go to Triund as its raining heavely. We started moving to Dharmkot for trekking and see whether we can walk to the slippery roads. Its little slippery but we started anyway. The tangled feelings of fear and excitement before a journey begins.That was the best decision we ever took otherwise we miss the lovely hills. When we reached magic view, we realized that we have completed nearly half of ourjourney. In the proximity of nature one can fill their soul with adventure.Triund must be an insane calling for those who love the parched peaks.The beauty of Triund is aeonian (eternal and everlasting). It’s a cosy feeling you get when you’re enjoying the good things in life with friends. Reaching on the top of the hill, one must feel like happiness only real when shared. I would definitely say, leave the roads and take the trails on that undiscovered roads.The trek gets little tougher as we proceed forward. Too many rocks thus you should be well prepared with really good shoes as it might get hurt while trekking. It was a warm feeling you get while enjoying the company of great friends and all life has to offer.We reached at almost 2:00 P.M., the time when sun was its peak just like us on the top of the mountains with umpteen desires.Pictures may not justify the real experience which we had there and even the thoughts which I’m sharing. It will never satisfy your soul unless you’ll chase the beautiful mountains yet so pristine on its own and it could create your desire to visit here at least once in your life. I swear to you, there are divine things more beautiful than words can express.A warm welcome by mother nature showcasing its lush greenery perfect for keep oneself inspire.I would probably rate these clouds with luminous shine hugging the mountain as the most heavenly treat to eyes. What a glorious greeting the sun gives the mountains. Endless desires to those high hills, feels like conquering the world.There is a saying that goes “Mountains are calling and one must go”.That’s true and one can never feel alone in vicinity of rocky peaks. When life gives you mountains put on your boots and hike.When you’ll reach to the top of hill, all your tiredness goes away in a blink. The greenery, animals, cute colourful tents and White Mountains making it pristine. Triund is truly a blessing in the lap of Himalayas. Wish to capture the rustic moments with perfection.I felt more at home in these mountains than I had anywhere in my life, and I didn’t want to leave. There is no time to be bored in a world as fascinating as this. There is a world out there, we’ve got to look both sides of the mountain in your lifetime. Climb the mountains to embrace the challenge, enjoy the air and behold the view.The joy I experienced at the top of Triund was ineffable. There’s something extraordinarily unique and genuine in those ethereal paths that really appeals to me. Fantastic views, fresh air and lovely rocks gazing us. We wander to an enormous mountains in a rocky paths. It’s a state of blissfulness and serene calmness.With every climb I have enjoyed the strolls aimlessly, observing life and their surroundings.It was most satisfying where the eye encountered all sort of beauty. I’ve always been in love with mountains. Great things can happen when men and mountains meet. Mountains are the beginning and the end of all natural scenery. Each fresh peaks ascended teaches something.After enjoying the afternoon at Triund, we started heading back to Dharmkot where we were staying. It’s getting dark so we use the emergency light which we carried with us and finally we were in our hotel room. It was a tiring day and we enjoyed every bit of it.Mountains were flour white and brooded over the land.We were enthralled with calm and sparkling beauty in the woods.Next day, we Woke up in the misty morning and enjoyed our tea with clouds floating by while you relax in the surrounding with outlooked mountains. It feels like heaven. It will make an ideal retreat for a peaceful gateway.They were sky piercing. The air felt ice cold and soothing. It was an ideal gateway to relax in a peace.When we were in Temple it was overcrowded so we preferred to avoid taking pictures. Outside the temple there was a pool and many tourist were sitting there and enjoying their leisure time. We moved to bhagsunag waterfall and gathered lot of memories in pictures. Loved the peace surrounded with mountains, leaving the tensions and anxieties behind in our normal life.
Prateek Jain
#SwipeRightToTravelI was on a trek to triund and got befriended with two strangers here's the story starts.Blake , he is from Sydney (Western  Australian hills)  he is a freelance programmer so all he need to get his work done & earn his living is a internet connection & a Laptop and during his journey he is been to Europe for 4-5 months. he's been  to almost every country there. he got to know about the  different cultures & their thinking then he went to USA,  China ,  Israel etc(some more countries were there) & now he is in India for past 4-5 weeks & here he is loving it most because of our authentic culture, our faith in god, our family values, traditions & he told me that its great to see that India has its own culture  & most of the countries including Australia do not have their culture and adapt the same from USA , UK or other Western countries. he said that for them it is very hard to survive in India at this time of the year because they are not usually habitual to So hot climate & even he joked that he is pealing off his skin like a lizard. he also told me about Australia that they rely mostly on agriculture & coal mining & you must have  heard about Australia's great barrier Reef (its worlds Largest ecosystem for living creatures)  & it is literally dying due to climate change & global warming  & if nothing have been will may perish by 2030   & he told me that 80-85% of Australia is plain lands and not yet developed because the country is so big & population is mere 24 million. he was shocked to know that even after India is so skilled & still our  80-85% of population earns  approx 100-150 US $  monthly (which is daily average pay in many countries) & he will be in India for another 4-5 weeks & then he will head to Nepal (Kathmandu for Himalayan trek)    & than back to Europe  for European summers .. i suggested him to must visit to Varanasi. we shared some other stuff too &  today, i also met Ryan while trekking down back to McLeod & he  was from  Yorkshire(UK)  & i applauded him because he and his wife were picking empty packets etc from the trek & i joined him in the cause. he is traveling around the world since 20 years & has a small potpourri business in Uk.  All in all it was some awesome experiences shared and some great memories are created along the way and its always wonderful to meet new people and share our stories and get to know about other countries and cultures and that's how we grow as a human and move forward with life.
Manik Sharma
Akanksha Yadav
#TripotoTakeMeToDeoriatalThe camera couldn't capture the beauty what I witnessed ❤️The magic lies in the mountains⛰
Yattin Rana
Introduction:Are you looking for a place, where you can just get lost in peace, far away from the city? Do you love nature & admire the beauty of Hill Stations? And most importantly, do you have no problem to challenge yourself a bit & can do some easy to moderate trekking? If your answer is Yes, then Triund is the answer for you. I had heard about this place from many people & when finally got a chance to visit the place, it was worth all the efforts I made.Location Overview:Triund is situated in the laps of Dhauladhar Mountains & it is a very popular trekking site. The trek is fairly easy with a length of 7 KM & can be completed by all the age groups quite easily, however the last 1 KM might challenge you a bit as it has steep ascends & many tiring curves. “A Pleasant Surprise”, however is something that you get after that 1 KM stretch & trust me, you will forget everything for some time because of that Hypnotic Panorama. Trekking at Triund is pretty much feasible throughout the year, but it sometimes gets closed due to heavy snowfall during the months of December to February.How to Reach:There are regular buses to Dharmshala from different cities & the roads are fairly smooth in Himachal Pradesh.The nearest Toy Train Railway Station is Kangra which is 17 KM from Dharmshala & Broad Gauge Railway Station is 85 KM at Pathankot.The nearest Airport is Gaggal 13 KM away from Dharmshala.From Dharmshala, you can hire a cab till McleodGanj, which is 9 KM from there, or buses are also available at specific local timings.You can go by yourself till McleodGanj itself & park your vehicle at the paid parkings, which are quite safe as well.7 KM trek start from McleodGanj till Triund.Places to see in McleodGanj City:We left Delhi early in the morning as usual, in our own car. The drive is fairly smooth till McleodGanj and condition of roads is also great. We reached McleodGanj next day in the afternoon & decided to do the trek in the morning next day, so we booked rooms in a hotel in McleodGanj & went out to explore the city.We spent our evening in McleodGanj city, which I must say is very beautiful. Many people come here to study Tibetan Buddhism, culture, crafts, etc. The town is also known for Tibetan handicrafts, thangkas, Tibetan carpets, garments and other souvenirs. The most important Buddhist site in the town is Tsuglagkhang or Tsuglag Khang, the Dalai Lama's temple. It has statues of Shakyamuni, Avalokiteśvara, and a statue of Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche). You can also visit the Bhagsunag Waterfall in the evening, which is another nice place to see. We had our dinner at “Black Magic” which is an amazing place for food. If you ever visit McleodGanj, then you should surely try this place, if you love great food & awesome ambiance.