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The Corbett View Resort

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You can stay at The Corbett View Resort or similar.Note: Corbett National Park remains open throughout the year for the visitors from Jhirna zone but the best time to visit Corbett is from 15th November to 15th June.                            Send In A Query
Devansh Kamboj
Well it was an end to our second day and we were already in much loss but it was okay, we were enjoying. So the third day begins with a hangover, and  I go to the kitchen to check my phone, I  did not switch it on and thought to keep it in rice for 24 hours again after reaching home (keeping the hope alive).  We had to checkout today and we all were packing our stuff. All of us were almost packed and I was settling all the bills of rooms and food, suddenly another friend said he couldn't find his Jbl pulse, at that moment I just sat down with my forehead resting on my hands. We searched a lot in our rooms around the pool and in the whole resort but there was no sign of it . Unfortunately there were no cctvs near the pool area so we couldn't get any help from the resort staff, then we realized, yes another loss of 9,000INR. But atlast we made many good memories and got a lot of experience from this trip. So remember the first line I said.. Don't plan, don't worry just go where ever you want and don't travel but EXPLORE.P.S- It was not meant to be a budget trip :P
Devansh Kamboj
In the morning, while some of us were having breakfast down stairs, we here a scream and yes, it was of the girl who lost her Mk sunglasses last night :P. We calmed her down and told her that we all would buy her a new one (of course we dint ). After all of us had a bath and changed we decided to go off-roading on the river side and on the rocky terrains. Well, if we have a THAR with us, why would we not flaunt it. Five of us hopped in the car while the rest three wanted to play cards in the room. 
Devansh Kamboj
We planned to start our journey on 13th August at 4:30 am but there were many arguments on who would sit in which car, but eventually everyone settled and we started at 6:30. The roads were pretty smooth as we were travelling from Delhi so there were many areas like sonipat where the roads were not well maintained and it was little tiring to drive on those kinds of roads. But as we all were driving turn by turn, so no one was too tired.We stopped at many locations to have some food and also to enjoy beauty of nature. After 6 hours of drive we reach the place at 12:30 and the resort was really amazing(please refer to the photos), there were different kinds of plants and trees grown all over the place, a decent sized pool and many sports like table tennis, badminton,etc. to keep the guests entertained. We did many activities in the pool, also played volley ball and stayed for two hours straight in the pool. All the three course meal were served in the buffet area and all the meals were delicious. Well moving on, at the first night we popped up some beers and some more drinks and sat beside the pool. All of us were having a lot of fun and talking to each other dancing, suddenly while dancing a friend of mine stepped on sunglasses which belonged to one of us and broke ''em. And as we were all drunk we dint realize that we have incurred a loss of 12,000 INR and this was just the first day of the trip.