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Diveagar Beach

This is a beach town and also a place of worship. The Diveagar Beach is known for its clean sands and white waters. There is not much you can do or explore here but this place is still a very popular weekend getaway especially for Mumbaikars. The Suvarna Ganesha Temple is a famous place of worship and also has an interesting story behind it. Once when there was nothing over here, a lady farmer named Pratibha was busy in her daily work. While ploughing the field she got a copper box which was buried deep down and came up due to repeated ploughing. Inside this box was an idol of Lord Ganesha covered completely with gold and also withe a mask made of gold. The idol weighed about 12 kg. There was then built the temple of the Suvarna Ganesha which is still very popular.
AtharVa LeLe
The Vast Secluded Beach15kms away was Diveagar beach. One of the largest beach i have ever seen.The beach spread for about 3.5kms from one end to another. Diveagar beach also has options of adventure activities like parasailing, ATV riding ,etc.
Vivek Rauthan
After having sometime on the beach we started driving to another famous beach Diveagar. A wonderful drive on the coastal road for around 30 min.This isolated road runs parallel to the sea with the cliff on one side and the sea, just off the cliff, as far as you can see, on the other side.The road stretches for a good 30 kms affording views of virgin beaches, fishing villages, natural rock formations etc. You will drive by some of the virgin beaches like Aaravi beach & Kondvil beach. If you are a fan of seafood, then the fish market of Bharadkhol is for you..!! you can make a quick stop in Bharadkhol fish market while going to Diveagar. Every morning about 8, the fisher boat ported near this village. from here Diveagar is just 7 km ..!!Diveagar shot up in popularity after a serendipitous discovery of a golden mask of the elephant god Ganesha. Diveagar has long stretch of black sand beach and village is full of beetle nuts, jack fruits and banana plantains. The access to the beach is covered with "Belu" plants and looks like a fence of the beach. Lord Suvarnaganesha temple is the main attraction of tourist visit. We were unfortunate that, couldn't able to visit the temple. However, we kept it for our next trip..!!
Sree Dev