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September - May
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Diveagar Beach

This is a beach town and also a place of worship. The Diveagar Beach is known for its clean sands and white waters. There is not much you can do or explore here but this place is still a very popular weekend getaway especially for Mumbaikars. The Suvarna Ganesha Temple is a famous place of worship and also has an interesting story behind it. Once when there was nothing over here, a lady farmer named Pratibha was busy in her daily work. While ploughing the field she got a copper box which was buried deep down and came up due to repeated ploughing. Inside this box was an idol of Lord Ganesha covered completely with gold and also withe a mask made of gold. The idol weighed about 12 kg. There was then built the temple of the Suvarna Ganesha which is still very popular.
Rama Kant Gupta
This is one of three beaches in a stretch i.e. Diveagar, Shrivardhan and Harihareshwar. We visited all three beaches in this order. Diveagar is clean and very long beach but middle & busy part is near Roop narain Temple. Water sports were available there at reasonable price with some bargaining space. Only some small food stalls were near the beach. Paid parking was available. Hotel / resort/ home stay are not at the beach. One need to walk approx minimum 300-400 meter, so do not fall in trap of misleading booking. There are ample home stay and few resort options. Food can be taken at Khanawalas shop/home, which is at a reasonable price. There was paid facility for changing and bathing, in few houses, near the beach. There we faced mobile signal issue. After the beach, we visited Uttareshwar Mandir, Roop Narian Temple and Suvarn Ganesh Temples.
shivani kushwah
shivani kushwah
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govind sonagoje
There are many beaches in India and this is one of them very any weekend or any holiday can enjoy. Its 160km away from pune city. Public transport is not available directly from pune. This beach is something because when you visit here you will feel free from everything, no stress, no tension and the best thing is very rare mobile network is available so can spend the time with nature more. The sea food is the best. And in the time of sunset the cloud shadow to the sea water, which makes the rainbow color.
AtharVa LeLe
The Vast Secluded Beach15kms away was Diveagar beach. One of the largest beach i have ever seen.The beach spread for about 3.5kms from one end to another. Diveagar beach also has options of adventure activities like parasailing, ATV riding ,etc.