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Arba Minch

Day 2From the capital of Addis Ababa, we drive to the lovely town of Arba Minch. This place is situated at the base of the Great Rift valleys and is covered with natural springs. In fact, it is so abundant in springs that it gives rise to a groundwater forest. Arba Minch is a lake town perfect for witnessing beautiful sunsets. It is often filled with tourists (one of the popular tourist destinations) and is a lot warmer since it falls in the South. Lake Abaya and Lake Chamo are two major lakes to explore here. Apart from its natural beauty, it is a great place to interact with the locals. Arba Minch is substantially populous and a tourist hotspot. The locals are always pleased to interact with the tourists and vice versa. A visit to Arba Minch also includes the Melka Kunture archeological site and Tiya heritage site to admire the crudely fashioned stone monoliths, that some believe to be ancient grave marks.