Blue Mist 1/2 by Tripoto

Blue Mist

Vachana Shetty
Our criterion for finding a homestay this time was simple – The cheapest place in Coorg. We found Blue Mist homestay online at Rs. 600/head/night – breakfast included. We started on Friday evening at 6 and reached Kakkabe at 12 in the night. After trying to find the homestay in the deep, dark, dense and wet roads of Madikeri in the middle of the night, our host Vijay called to guide us. We were almost prepared to sleep in the car under a street light maybe to provide us a false sense of security. To our surprise, it was a beautiful bungalow with a huge verandah and the view from here was serene. Coorg decided to keep us in the dark throughout our stay as a tree had done a fabulous job of disconnecting Kakkabe from any source of electronic entertainment. To top it, there was no network and we had to stand on one leg with one hand up in a corner of the house to catch a bar of it. All we had was each other for everything and I think we made the most of it.