Le Meridien Barbarons Hotel 1/1 by Tripoto

Le Meridien Barbarons Hotel

Jenny McIver
I was a little disappointed to discover there are no giant tortoises roaming the beaches of the Seychelles (as I'd been led to believe) but the beauty of these islands is still undeniable. When you drive around the island, it is easy to picture the soaring granite peaks as the tips of submerged mountains. They create a dramatic backdrop for the white sand beaches and blue lagoons unlike any other I have seen. I rented a car and drove the entire perimeter of Mahe in a day stopping to visit several beaches accented with granite boulders. The enormous granite boulders that define the beaches of Seychelles give them almost a prehistoric feel. As if they tumbled down the side of a mountain millions of years ago splashing into the ocean exactly where they lay now – and maybe they did. Next, I visited the Victoria Botanical Gardens, where I had the opportunity to sight some tortoises. The Gardens are also home to Seychelles’ other famous inhabitant, the enormous coco de mer palm. The double nut of the coco de mer is the world’s heaviest fruit weighing in at a whopping 40lbs.