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Solo Traveler Nafeesa
STAY: Julies Studios, 30 euro/nightTRANSPORT: TAXI - 25-30 EuroChania’s old town is most beautiful town in entire Greece. Whenever I told locals in Athens, Kalambaka & Santorini that I’ll be visiting Chania. They all said same thing “aahhh it is most beautiful town. Everybody comes to Santorini for holiday. And Greeks go to Chania for holiday."Truly I met best people on my entire trip in Chania. Julie owner of hotel I was staying in (Julies Studios on is amazing lady. Very hardworking . She is so warm and friendly, I felt like she’s an old friend. I met 4 other strangers while watching sunset. We just started talking while watching sunset and next thing we know, we were having coffee together. Luke made me feel at home with “Namaste ji” and also suggested me to watch “monsoon wedding”. His all-time favorite movie. On my last night in Chania. I had privilege to meet and spend time with Greek family. Thanks to Yanis owner of the restaurant Apostolis. Which by the way serves best seafood in town. Do visit when in Chania. This was my best night in Greece. Humming along on Greek songs. Sharing stories & listening to them. Dancing till 3 in night and finally walking back to hotel alone at 3 AM without slightest worry. That’s how safe & wonderful Chania is.
Start the next day with a drive to the town of Chania. If you have rented a car (highly recommended to rent one in Crete), a drive from Heraklion to Chania will take about two and a half hours. Alternatively, you can catch a bus from Heraklion that operates quite frequently.- Chania is all about old narrow vivid streets, lazy walks at the Venetian harbor, nightlife, and a lot more walking in and around the old town. Based on your interest, budget, and the number of hours that you would like to spare pick a walking tour in Chania. Walking tours are a great way to see a place through a local’s lens. Pick a walking tour of the old town area, a food tour, bar hopping, beach hopping, wine tasting and many more tours available in plenty.
Chania is a modern cosmopolitan city but unlike Athens, which has had periods where it was all but deserted, it has been continuously inhabited since Minoan times.In other words for at least 5000 years people have been living in this city, one civilization following another from Minoan, to Mycenaean, to Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Venetian, Turkish all the way up to its present day inhabitants some of whom share the blood of all these groups. Yes, there could be Minoans walking around the streets of Chania. Unlike Athens which lay dormant for centuries and basically began again from scratch in the mid 19th century, Chania has had a flourishing culture and in the 18th century was an international center of commerce(thanks Wikipedia and our local guide ;)). Chania, a town with a sophistication that would allow them to view Athens as somewhat provincial.