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Mast Musaphir
After breakfast at Corner Restaurant, gorging best waffles in town with strawberry banana and Nutella, bought few postcards to be sent to near and dear ones. Now this a new trait I have developed after few pals insisted on writing to them from my holiday destinations. I thought it was stupid to start with but when I took the pen to scribble small notes on the postcard, parking myself on the bench with the view of volcano in middle of huge blue ocean, I created fond memories forever, capturing the whole moment so deep in my mind that I am going to remember it with nostalgia! Then I took the state run bus to Kamari from Fira bus station, the ride took about 20 minutes costing €1.60. There are frequent buses running between different locations in Santorini with time table available at the Fira Square bus stop. Bit strangely in Santorini same places had two different names in English and Greek, like Fira will be English for the Greek Thira and English name Kamari will be Kampi in local language, so good to remember both names if you want to get to right destination! Kamari has a long stretch of black pebbled beach, a visual retreat. The blackness of land and blue waters create a sight I hadn't seen anywhere else before. It was so therapeutic to walk on those black pebbles. Afternoon I took a pirate-sailor-boat ride to inactive volcano that gave birth to Santorni Island in a half-day trip for €20 covering one hour stop on the volcano and dip into the hot water springs created because of lava. Volcano land was covered with black lava rocks. The trip to hot water springs was super exciting for me. Due to cold winter month waters were at temperature of 14 degrees and hot water was more of warm water at 19 degrees. The springs are in a bay so the big boats could not get there and we had to swim some 50 meters in the wild Aegean waters to reach to springs! Jumping in those cold water is something crazy that I hadn't done in long time. Being not a very good swimmer I was advised to get back on the boat as quickly as possible! I ended the day with another awe-inspiring sunset from the terraces at Fira square. In all the travelling I totally forgot it was Good Friday. The lady at cafe where I was dining told me I should look at the hill, Pyrgos, in far-sight that was illuminated with candles, looked like whole hill was decorated with thousands of diyas! Than I briefly joined a procession moving towards church, a scene from movie like "End of Days" where everyone is trying to say their last prayers before the Armageddon.
Neha Makdey
Kamari Beach - Kamari is other black beach in Santorini. We just sat on the beach listening to the waves in the bright sunlight. Even though it was summer in Greece the sea water was very cold. We splashed water on each other, collected some pebbles, searched seashells, clicked selfies and shared an ice cream. We had a fun time here.