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Arjun Chaudhuri
The most lively area of Santorini is undoubtedly Oia, in the north. It is a hotbed of shopping centers, musicians, tourists and fancy restaurants.
Day 6: Santorini - OiaTake a morning ferry to Santorini by Blue Star and head towards Santorini. There is one more option avaialble for afternoon if you are lazy to take morning ferry. That is golden Star but it takes 5 hours and is not that comfortable as compared to Blue Star that takes just 2 hours.Head straight to Oia. There are regular buses that run from Fira bus stop to Oia bus stop and take 1.80 Euro per person. This is cheapest way to travel in Santorini.Book your hotel near Blue dome church since that is most picturesque location there. Enjoy beautiful alleys of Oia and watch Sunset and Sunrise from your hotel balcony. All cafes are beautiful there. Do visit cafe 218 for beautiful views and amazing local wine. Visit Oia castle and blue domed churches.
This was the place where we had our lunch at the rooftop Chinese restaurant. On the way back, we went to witness one of the most exquisite spots for sunset which is Oia. Oia also served the Donkey beer which is supposed to be the signature beer of Santorini. This was the place where in we saw the beautiful blue dome structure which one recollects whenever we talk about Greece.We then rented a car to Athens. On the way back, we were also stopped by cops and they checked us for drink and drive. However, we had a wild escape. We reached the Mont Parnes where we visited Regency Casino on the hill top. We reached there by cable car in middle of the night. We lost during the games but it was a fun experience going there which made the journey worthwhile.  The next day morning while driving we shared the common road which was shared by the runway for flights. Overall, it was a magical and a relaxing trip with lots of fun activities and exploring all the scenic beauty which we watch in movies. It felt like as though we entered a beautiful wallpaper.
Vandana Goenka
Oia ,Santorini Sunset....Yes a place which is famous all over the world and in everyones bucket list.I will not say much that how romantic it was as my pictures are saying it already.The vibes were auto installed romantic when you look at those white villages and the deep blue Aegean Sea is a deadly combination of love ,desire and affection.Santorini is divided into two towns Fira and Oia so we were staying in the area named Thera and rent a car to reach Oia which is about 30 minutes coastal and deadly drive but yes an amazing and unforgettable experience.
Mast Musaphir
There is small little hill adjoining 400 meters high rock on which Fira is inhabited. It makes a good 3-4 hours round trek around the hill with panoramic view of volcano and Fira with bit steep climb on the rocky stairs. I bumped into an American family on that almost deserted trek, the Father won't stop talking, an enthusiast photographer daughter in her twenties and a mother with great sense of humor! On the other side of the hill we reached discovered a small little church that was marked as Private Property, I made the American proudly stand next to the signboard posing as they are the owners of the property for a Kodak moment. Later I took a bus to Oia the village for world famous Santorini sunsets! I reached too early for the sunset, days in April were really long with sunsetting at around 7.30 PM, so found a nice little cafe, Bluesky Restaurant, that served exquisite house white wine and pastas the Greek way. Got on with The Beach, Alex Garland, so aptly describes my philosophy of travel "You keep planning Borneo forever. Book a ticket, get the visa, pack a bag for yourself. And things will happen". The sunset at Oia was majestic and the white buildings turned into pastel shades of purple and pink after sun submerged in the waters.