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Manali D
I would specially like to mention this place for its mesmerizing location (at the top of a hill) and the beautiful sun set.Food:Greek food is not very bland and goes well with the typical Indian taste palette. Must try dish:1. Shrimp Saganaki – A traditional Greek preparation named after the pan in which it’s prepared, this was served straight from the skillet, with plenty of toasted breads for scooping up the savoury tomato sauce.Stay:If you are looking for a romantic + luxury stay, then I would highly recommend: Dana Villas. The staff here is courteous and super friendly.It is situated outside Fira’s centre where you can book your private room with attached infinity pool.Their breakfast in delicious and was prepared on pre-order basis (maybe because we visited them during Off-season).Oh Yes! How can I forget the special bottle of Wine & Sweets as a welcome gesture :) Overall, a great experience and you would love to go here again just to relive the entire trip again.
Bhavesha Pawar
Next morning, we enjoyed the breakfast sent by our villa manager and got ready to explore Oia. The village of Oia needs no introduction. Whenever you see a photo of blue domes and white walls, it's most likely from Oia. We walked around the town for hours and took in the blinding beauty. Few places we covered were Ammoudi Bay, Oia Castle and the windmills. We took few breaks at Pitogyros for mouthwatering gyros and at Lolita's ice-cream. After a tiresome day, we reached Oia castle to catch the very famous Santorini sunset. This castle is undoubtedly the best spot to witness sunset. As we were already tired from roaming around, we got to the castle 2 hours before the sunset, and took some rest while people-watching. As the time passed, a lot of tourists gathered around, readying their cameras to catch the beautiful Santorini sunset. The hours we spent here, chatting about everything while witnessing one of the most beautiful sunsets, were the highlight of our tour. We packed some gyros for dinner from the same restaurant and took a bus to Fira, where we had booked our next stay.
Arjun Chaudhuri
The most lively area of Santorini is undoubtedly Oia, in the north. It is a hotbed of shopping centers, musicians, tourists and fancy restaurants.
Anubha Gupta Agarwal
Day 6: Santorini - OiaTake a morning ferry to Santorini by Blue Star and head towards Santorini. There is one more option avaialble for afternoon if you are lazy to take morning ferry. That is golden Star but it takes 5 hours and is not that comfortable as compared to Blue Star that takes just 2 hours.Head straight to Oia. There are regular buses that run from Fira bus stop to Oia bus stop and take 1.80 Euro per person. This is cheapest way to travel in Santorini.Book your hotel near Blue dome church since that is most picturesque location there. Enjoy beautiful alleys of Oia and watch Sunset and Sunrise from your hotel balcony. All cafes are beautiful there. Do visit cafe 218 for beautiful views and amazing local wine. Visit Oia castle and blue domed churches.
This was the place where we had our lunch at the rooftop Chinese restaurant. On the way back, we went to witness one of the most exquisite spots for sunset which is Oia. Oia also served the Donkey beer which is supposed to be the signature beer of Santorini. This was the place where in we saw the beautiful blue dome structure which one recollects whenever we talk about Greece.We then rented a car to Athens. On the way back, we were also stopped by cops and they checked us for drink and drive. However, we had a wild escape. We reached the Mont Parnes where we visited Regency Casino on the hill top. We reached there by cable car in middle of the night. We lost during the games but it was a fun experience going there which made the journey worthwhile.  The next day morning while driving we shared the common road which was shared by the runway for flights. Overall, it was a magical and a relaxing trip with lots of fun activities and exploring all the scenic beauty which we watch in movies. It felt like as though we entered a beautiful wallpaper.