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Pyrgos Kallistis

4. Hike from Fira to Pyrgos CastleDistance: 5 kmIdeal Time: 1 hr 10 mins (one way)The hike from Fira to Pyrgos is through the main road. You will find footpaths on the majority of the route but you need to be mindful of the traffic.The Pyrgos castle is one of the five important castles in Santorini. This Venetian castle has spectacular views and rich history. This castle is particularly famous for its picturesque views of the Island. You will also find beautiful churches and amazing restaurants near the castle. While in Pyrgos, you can also visit the famous Santo Winery.Enroute Pyrgos, one can find fantastic views of the Aegean Sea and Nea Kameni Volcano. If you want to enjoy the beauty it’s better to go on foot rather than just rushing past such beautiful landscapes.