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So, you are in Greece. Make tryst with history. I love it, so I enjoy knowing about the past. If you don't, this is the best place to give it a try. Thessaloniki is a university town. So the vibe is chic, cool and on the go. Stay here for a couple of days. Go up (yeah literally up, as the city is uphill and downhill), and see the most amazing view from there. Roam around in chic cafes, have some amazing Greek food and enjoy the nightlife. During the day, do yourself a favour by enrolling yourself in one of the walking tours, which usually starts from Sophia Agora. Know about the Roman civilisation here, and a number of Byzantine churches. Spend the afternoon in the park alongside the White Tower.
Pallavi Paul
Our next stop was the Greek port city of Thessaloniki on the Thermaic Gulf of the Aegean Sea. This chaotic city had a very different vibe from, both, Athens and Meteora and was easy to fall in love with.During the day we walked around exploring the city. The White Tower of Thessaloniki was a former prison and torture chamber and is one of the most recognisable spots in town. We also spent a good amount of time pouring over the exhibits at The War Museum of Thessaloniki that documented modern history, capturing all its grimness.