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Tumon Bay

Jenny McIver
On-again, off-again rain meant a day full of rainbows in Guam. Though I didn’t have any wheels, the resort area of Tumon Bay was a sight in itself so I decided the least I could do was head out and explore my immediate surroundings for the day. The sun came and went all day with bouts of rain showers in between but it was still a great day at the beach. I walked from one end of the bay to the other and did a little swimming in the gorgeous clear blue waters. The beach area reminded me a lot of Waikiki in Hawaii but without the fancy resorts. It’s interesting that Guam has such amazing natural beauty but the hotels and resorts seem decidedly outdated. Almost like Hawaii 20 years ago. Regardless of accommodation, I thought the island was lovely and I wish I’d had the time and the transportation to explore it further.