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Vittala Temple

Damini Aggarwal
Vittala, a form of Lord Vishnu who was worshiped as a prime deity by the local herdsmen of the empire, is the focus of this temple.The famous 'Stone chariot' is situated in this complex. In past times this chariot was known to be as a ‘Garuda’, on the either side of Garuda, there are big Mandapas, with pillars on all sides. The inside halls and temples of campus are carved with a huge collection of intricate sculptures on huge granite pillars.The other tourist attractions in the complex include: Ranga Mandapa with its 56 musical pillars and 4 open halls and Goddess's shrine. The road leading up to the temple complex used to be the market for horse trading.
Srijani Banerjee
Renowned for the Stone Chariot and Akshay-Sonakshi's Dhatang Dhatang...