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Guwahati Airport

Kritharth Pendyala
(Guwahati to Mumbai):It was difficult to say goodbye to this beautiful state with the most helpful and happy people, but then it had to be. I left for Guwahati on the bike and reached there in about 2hrs, with a pitstop for breakfast. Once I reached Guwahati, Life On Wheels(Neeraj's Company) was about a 20min drive. I handed over the keys, the bungee and all other riding gear I was provided with. Meghalaya offered everything that a perfect vacation would, sometimes a lot more than the widely known tourist destinations. The only thing that bothers me is that, it doesn't get enough credit it deserves. Any person would jump with happiness if they were to go on an all paid trip to Himachal Pradesh, but would the same person react in the same way if the destination was Meghalaya? I seriously doubt. Taking nothing away from such a beautiful state like Himachal which has always been dear to me, the question still remains unanswered! A person who is happily agreeing for a holiday in Himachal or any other state for that matter, will not express similar views towards the North-Eastern and less explored states. I feel that some effort should be put in to promote this breathtaking abode of clouds, MEGHALAYA. A trip that has changed me so much was in its final stages, on the verge of coming to an end. With some unanswered questions and some memories that will stay with me forever, I boarded the flight back to Kolkata and eventually to Mumbai!!!
Sriram Muthuvel
Evening 6:00 PM - Standing in queue of AirStair wondering how these 10 days passed like a bullet. Need to thank 2 of my friends who helped me out - Veda for joining me for some part of my trip & my roomie Sarath for his DSLR !!