Guwahati Railway Station Paltan Bazaar 1/undefined by Tripoto

Guwahati Railway Station Paltan Bazaar

There was a taxi stand beside the Railway Station that took commuters and tourists to Shillong and to other states. We found one and bargained a good rate to Shillong for the two of us. The man asked us to load our rucksack on the top of the car and to take a seat inside until he got the taxi full with other passengers. My friend was carrying his heavy laptop in his rucksack and the driver without knowing the contents of it hastily grabbed it from him and swung it to the top of the car. When the bag landed it crushed my friend’s heart along, luckily the laptop lived to tell a tale. We had a good laugh with the start to the day and continued to wait there for the taxi to leave.We waited for a good hour or two scratching our heads, biting our nails, listening to music and trying to kill time until the driver had filled the taxi. The weather got pretty humid as well. But to our relief, a few morning trains arrived and our cab was packed full, ready for the journey to Shillong. Soon after, we got stuck in the traffic jam to get out of the city. Not everything goes your way at times.