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Guwahati Shillong Road

Kritharth Pendyala
(Mumbai to Guwahati to Shillong):I took a morning flight to Calcutta and then from there to Guwahati in the afternoon. I landed in Guwahati at about 4pm and left to Neeraj's place to hop onto my companion. The Royal Enfield Classic 350. Neeraj is the owner of Life On Wheels, the place I rented my bike from. On completion of certain formalities and paperwork, I left for Shillong. Shillong is a good 105km from Guwahati. The ride to Shillong was in itself a sort of an adventure. An experience. 50km into the ride, the bike started to behave differently, the rear brake ceased to work and the front one was throwing a jerky motion by locking itself randomly. One could say that it was about 40% fit at that instance. And then the daylight started to dim down owing to the quickly approaching evening. There began the challenge. I somehow managed to manoeuvre till Shillong with the same condition of the bike. Engine braking and riding slowly were the key here. Some skiddy moments and close calls made me even more road-ready. I reached Shillong at 9pm. My body was in all sorts of pain one could imagine, because of the ride that I had just completed. I had a quick shower and dinner and in the meanwhile I spoke to Neeraj regarding the condition of the bike. Crashed off to sleep immediately after that!!!
After the great escape from there, we were on our way on the Guwahati-Shillong Highway. This is a short 3-4 hour journey and we would get to Shillong by around 2pm. The driver stopped at a place called Nongpoh, to let us have a quick breakfast at a local roadside joint. A plate of Chole Bhature served our hungry tummies. With some biscuits and water we continued our road trip to Shillong. Our tired bodies couldn’t resist some sleep and we succumbed to it missing some great views on the route to Shillong. Also missing the famous Umiam Lake as well.