Paltan Bazaar

vinay sindhe
Once we crossed Sela pass the journey was kinda boring and tiring. One can chat with the fellow passengers only so much and your playlist also seems running out of songs. We reached Paltan bazaar around 9 pm and settle in for the night and put a few thoughts on our next phase of our trip, which was to Meghalaya.How we wished we had done the trip: Instead of staying at Tezpur on day 1 it would have been ideal to head to Dirang from Paltan bazaar so that we could save one day. This day can be used to stay at Tawang for one more day or visit Kaziranga national park on the way back.Few points to remember: Best time to visit - This depends on what you are looking for. If you need to see snowfall then last week of December to March would be ideal. But be prepared for harsh weather conditions and closed roads. If you are satisfied by seeing snow at a distance or if you want to drive on your own then October - November would be ideal.Getting around - As mentioned earlier there are no overnight transport services or bus services in Arunachal (there is one bus from Tezpur to Bomdila I guess, not sure). So, getting around in shared sumo is the best option. However, if you have a group of 5-6 friends then hiring a Sumo for yourself would be a lot of fun.No room heaters - Let me just say that at night I wore 3 layers of clothes and even a sweater which I had brought for my mom.So that is it, that was our trip to the cold, white Arunachal pradesh. Comments and suggestions are most welcome. I hope my blog is helpful.
vinay sindhe
2. Assam tourism @ Paltan Bazaar - This is where we obtained. Paltan bazaar is where the main bus station is from where buses/taxis to Arunachal will ply. Once you reach Paltan Bazaar from airport locate "Nepali Mandir" next to which is Assam tourism office. Head to the first floor and you will find Arunachal tourism office from where you can procure ILP.3. Online - This is how we should have done it. Go digital, submit documents in advance (1 week I heard) and get ILP. (I wonder why we din't take this route)Itinerary for getting around Arunachal - Let me give you a skeleton image of our trip.Day 1. Paltan Bazaar to Tezpur in Volvo - 4.5 hrs. Night stay at Tezpur (the last bus is at 4 pm, remember there are no overnight buses in the northeast)Day 2. Tezpur to Dirang in shared sumo - 9 hours. Night stay at Dirang.Day 3. Morning - Visit Sangti valley, Dirang monastery.Noon - Dirang to Tawang via sela pass in shared sumo - 7 hours. Night stay at Tawang.Day 4. Tawang to Madhuri lake and back. Shopping in Tawang. (Bumla pass was closed due to snow.). Night stay at Tawang.Day 5. Tawang to Paltan bazaar (Guwahati) - around 14 hrs in sumo.Now let's jump into the details of each day.
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On reaching Guwahati, head straight to Paltan Bazaar from you can hire a taxi to reach the waterfalls. En route, you can have pit stops for some snacks and many waterfalls that adorn the region.
Visit Brahmaputra Ferry (shared ferry or motorboat for Rs10) and Kamakhya Temple. It is among the most beautiful temple despite of its barbaric custom, where a number of animals are sacrificed in. I am religious but totally objects to killing of innocent animals in the name of any religion. If you have a strong heart and ready to see cruelty of human being and can do some change to the society, do visit kamakhya and raise your voice.