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Sach Pass 4390m

Sach Pass 4390m is higest mountain pass in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh. It connects Chamba valleys and Pangi valleys.
Rogue Rider
Everywhere around, everything you could see was covered in snow. It was all white and the sun glare was reflecting off the snowy mountains. It was so blissful. Sach Pass is really beautiful. You could just sit and just watch around for hours and wouldn't be tiered. We kept on moving, riding through all of it. It was the top of it now. We could see the mandir and the board. We have reached. Me and Kamal were together and we could not see Lalit and Binish behind. We waited for few mins and there they came, we all were together again.We wanted to have tea here. So we took helmets off and enjoyed the view. My wife had me promise to donate in the mandir box. Well, i had to and i did. We reached Sach Pass without anything bad happening. We do need all the angels and gods on our side for rest of our journey back home. We had to give bribe. 😝Anyways, jokes aside, the view here was breathtaking. It was cold up here, had hot cup of tea in hands and such a view. Just WOW!!We had to go cover lots of distance today so we wrapped up soon and left Sach Pass. Now we were going down towards killar. I think the name was given for a reason. The road that could be dangerous enough to kill you- killar. The downhill from Sach Pass was ok, just some slush and water streams. Later we were on such a bumpy stretch of road. It was the worst road to ride. Kilometres of kilometres, just stones and gravels. Not sure why did the govt dump stones on such a long stretch f road when its not gonna be possible to put tarmac on it the same day. It was very tiring day, the road had all of us with back pain and shoulder pain. Dont get me wrong, Its heavens for off-roading adventurists. Just that it not what you want for entire day.Anyhow, me and Kamal were together but Lalit and Binish were left behind. We did took multiple stops hoping for them to reach us but we dint. Here none of our cell phones/towers worked. So no way to contact them. Me and Kamal even doubted if we had taken correct route and dint take any detour. He did ask any locals we saw and they guided us (cant rely on gmaps). It was around afternoon, me and Kamal decided not to take unnecessary rest and focus on reaching Udaipur before dark and find rooms. So we set our minds to it and hoped that all is well with Lalit and Binish. Though its never good to leave any rider behind but we all know each other and are all seasoned riders.So we went on and on on the treacherous road. Our hands getting tiered or holding clutch and brakes and handle. Killar is living up to its name. It is definitely going to test your riding skills. After lots of patients and mindful riding, we were finally on the tarmac roads. Honestly, i never felt so good riding on tarmac, i never appreciated a tarmac road before. It was great satisfaction to our sore bums. Now it took couple of hours to reach Udaipur with bit of road and off-road but wasn't as bad as before. Few water crossing with good water level to fill our riding boots from over the top.I kept trying Lalit on his cell as we were getting tower on and off. It ringed but he dint answer as his helmet intercom was disconnected from phone. Once we reached Udaipur, we searched for place to stay and dint waste any time. It was i think 1600 for 2 rooms. So we settled and changed. Went out to eat as we were very hungry, dint find anything on route to eat. We found a fast food center. We had thukpa, and i dont know if it was the ambience or the Buddhist music or coz we were very tiered, we enjoyed sitting in that restaurant. The couple who manages the place were very well mannered, a lot better than me. They were so humble and polite and sweet. I really enjoyed it. I will recommend this restaurant to everyone. I will post the pic.
Sachin | Musafir
A Ride to Remember ❤Honesty When i first planned for this trip i was very nervous and exited at the same time 😄it was a 7 day continuous ride and trust me i have been to many places but this trip is unforgettable. Being a Musafir there is not a single day in my life when i didn't think about this day i captured in photograph 😊Sach pass is a part of me now 😊
Manish Goel
A Road Trip to Sach Pass at 14,500 ft - World's Most Dangerous Road It is a 14,500 feet high mountain pass in Chamba District, Himachal Pradesh, India on the Pir Panjal range of the Himalayas.Journey to Sach Pass and back is one of the most adventurous and thrilling experience of my life.
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