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Sach Pass 4390m

Sach Pass 4390m is higest mountain pass in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh. It connects Chamba valleys and Pangi valleys.
Pangi Valley Vlogs
Pangi Valley Vlogs
om modi
On this day the morning was super cozy in which none of us wants to leave our beds and the sound from river making it impossible. I would say chamba is a place to sit back and relax but we are not here for chamba and with hard heart we started to leave for bharmaur by around 8 am. Roads are still as good as till chamba roadside views are simply awesome. Then in bharmaur we did breakfast and picked up some things to eat for bad situations and we again started after a while roads were gone too mesmerising long trees all over along the road. literally none of travelers  can pass through it without stopping, and we also clicked some photographs not some but many.After again back on the road we realized that very less travellers are there on the road.As we are going further the roads were getting bad and for the first time after Delhi we saw a traffic jam, haha just kidding it was just queue for the checkpost 5-7 cars are ahead from us and I realized that this not a normal one because they are taking too much time and asking for ID of all the passengers travelling and they were pretty serious about it and finally when we got the call from officer and they were more serious from my expectations the officer noted down all the names addresses parents name car details and even parents contact no. And guided us that their is no connectivity till killar and if in any case of broke down there will be no options other than towing back and this statement makes one of us really scared then they took a video of all of us with the car and this thing works like cherry on the cake and now he got too much pissed off and we were enjoying that, then after the lot of formalities and some sense and nonsense things we are back on the road but surprisingly there were no road after the check post. Roads were in last bad condition possible we had xuv 500 and that also struggling trust me I drove the car in first gear for almost a hour and there is nothing other than the views but views are more then enough to be there. as we are climbing up the snow started alongside the road and we started feeling cold the winds were in very high speed and after even a small physical activity we started breathing heavy. We and our car both struggling with altitude and that so called road. after almost an hour of struggle finally we made it to sach pass there were hardly 4-5 cars other than ours. There was a small temple of lord Shiva and goddess durga we thank god for being with us till now and prayed to be with us for further. After clicking lots of photographs and talks with other travellers we met a family from our hometown Bikaner and that is one of very nice feeling if you met somebody from your town in some location thousands of km away I think you got connected with them without any bugs. Then after some more chit chat we decided to leave the place and head to killar.We thought we came here through baddest road but when we started going down I don't have words to describe the road just imagine the road faced some land slide and no one gives a damm to it but it has side icewalls of over 10 feet and that is the thing for we are on this trip after lots of fun with ice walls we saw a small dhabha and everyone is starving that's why we stopped and ate Maggie and then the dhabhas guy told us that killar is 40 km more from here and the place was extremely awesome for camping that's why we decided to camp there and enjoy the evening by sitting besides the bonfire and we did that.I can say the combination of nice company and bonfire in mountains is food for your soul just make an extra effort to make it possible.
Vandy Malik
We started our journey in morning at 6.30 am. It was 5 hour journey from dalhousie. Sach pass is in Chamba which further connects to Pangi Valley. It is normally open in mid-may to july and I think we were the 1st tourist of the season. The road to sach pass is among the dangerous road of India. On your way you will come across aesthetic beauty of himachal, after one hour of journey we reached Chamera Dam and the view was breathtaking. Water was still and crystal clear. This is major source of water supply in dalhousie and near by places. This beauty can't be captured. we wish to stay there for the whole day but we continued to move on.
8. Saach Pass, Himachal Pradesh