Aditi Shukla
3. ‘Peak’-a-woo: The trip to Kota Kinabalu cannot be complete without peaking the scale of Mount Kinabalu. A once in a lifetime experience, the climb uphill is sure to woo you to come back here again and again and again.... Mount Kinabalu is the tallest mountains of SE Asia, with a height of 4095m. With just two days in hand and not necessarily any prior experience in mountain climbing, it is not that tough a peak to conquer. Situated at the Kota Kinabalu National Park, the views from and on it during sunrise and sunset are to die for! With just an 8 km distance to cover, the ascend and descend takes within 48 hours and anyone with a decent amount of stamina and fitness can do this! Their official site and helpline have packages to help you with the preparation, equipment, cost, transportation and accommodation.