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Causeway Bay

Shipra Shekhar
Causeway Bay is located on the Honk Kong Island and is nothing like Lantau Island. It is the modern part of Hong Kong with world-class shops, restaurants, skyscrapers and a busy cosmopolitan city life.I just went around getting lost, eating and also picking up little interesting things I could get my hands on. The Peak is a hot tourist spot that I ditched that day. At night I went to Lan Kwai Fong to explore the city's nightlife. This place is known for the coolest pubs and bars of the city. I found the prices of drinks pretty costly there. A local introduced me to the concept of the seven-eleven bars where you buy a beer from a department store at the cost price and drink it on street along with several other people doing the same. Make it a party if you want. Today was also the night I got a free ticket to Disneyland from a girl in my dorm who couldn't go herself.Transport: To reach Lan Kwai Fong take MTR from Causeway Bay to the Central and walk your way to reach LFK. You can take a tram to The Peak for a stunning view of the city.Stay: Yesinn @Causeway Bay, Book here!Eat: Egg waffles, fish balls, dumplings and Japanese food in Yoshinoya. Choose from a selection of wines and beers at any department store such as 7/11 or K-circles.Visit: Lan Kwai Fong, Causeway Bay, The Peak, Victoria Harbour
Joshua Leigh Rau
Today was a long day of working and a quick jaunt over to Causeway Bay to check out what is a very hectic part of town filled with an endless number of stores. Hong Kong is space constrained and many of the businesses here are difficult to find because they are hidden inside buildings on higher levels with directories on the first floor. Walk in traffic is low and you really have to know what your looking for to find some of these shops. High end fashion and consumer goods are a big part of Hong Kong shopping and every corner has well known outlets which are well out of my price range. Western brands are everywhere but marked up to meet demand of many higher income residents. In fact, the opulence of Central and Causeway Bay is in stark comparison to simplicity of life in other parts of Hong Kong.
Anusha Ranganathan
Victoria Park is a nice splash of green.
This is where the main shopping district is. If you are not into high end shopping, I would not recommend you to visit as it is just like any other high end shopping area