The Peak 1/undefined by Tripoto
You can descend the hill by riding the oldest Tram in Hong Kong, which started in 1888. You are surely in for an exceptional visual experience during the ride, make sure to sit by the window!
Bhavna Satyanarayan
Offers great views of the busy, restless city, with its impressive port and lofty skyscrapers. Best to go 30 minutes before sunset and watch the city lights blink to life. Don’t miss the funicular (120 year old tram), one of the ways to go up to the top. I got there only late at night, which was quite a pretty sight as well - - with the clouds floating low and the many lights sparkling all around. I would have liked to go earlier and spend more time, but, one has to leave some things for the next time too, right?
Vishwanath Puttagunta
The peak is the tallest point of HK where you can a great view of the city. Wonderful at night because sometimes during the days, the fog can cloud the view.
If you tend to have car sickness easily, I would highly recommend you to take the tram up and down The Peak. Though there is a bus which brings you up to The Peak, it can get really bumpy causing one to have really bad car sickness)