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Victoria Harbour

Shaunak Bhattacharjee
DAY 5We did another day of sight seeing. We were invited for lunch at a Sikh family's house who happened to be an acquaintance of my uncle. At the night we went to see the Victoria Harbor which separated Macau from Hong Kong.
You can board an authentic Chinese junk and enjoy a scenic view around the harbor. Victoria Harbor definitely offers the most breathtaking view of the Hong Kong skyline which is even more impressive at night.
Rohan Sood
7PM: One of the most scenic Harbours in the world, Victoria Harbour is the perfect way to see the skyline on both of Hong Kong’s islands together. The cruise runs throughout the day, but I would suggest for you to take it at dusk. This gives you a wonderful opportunity to see the sunset and possibly catch the daily Light Show that starts at 8PM. Buildings on both sides of the harbor light up to form a dazzling extravaganza of modern trickery. After the cruise, you can also rent a bike and ride around the waterfront, stopping only to gaze at skyscrapers that dot the skyline, or the expansive yachts docked at the harbor.
Melisa Lissa
8. The Victoria Harbour in Hong KongThe Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong is what is considered as the Great Wall in China – an iconic tourist destination and a symbol for the people. Victoria is the most popular place having bird’s view of the city of entire Hong Kong. It offers a view of the regions meteoric rise to success and prosperity, the skyline lined with skyscrapers and lights in the distance. One can see the sky scrapers stretching out all the way to the mainland China. During the night time the view is even better with the masterpiece of lights on different buildings dancing in unison.
Archana Singh
On our way back, the iconic skyline of Hong Kong was decked up like a new bride. We had already seen the bedazzling ‘Symphony of Lights’ show at Victoria harbour from at Tshim Sha Sui promenade, so we decided to see a different light show from a relatively unknown place. At 9 pm from the IFC Rooftop Garden we saw the light show of ICC building.