Jakarta Raya 1/undefined by Tripoto

Jakarta Raya

A very busy city with traffic 24*7. Most of the time you spend in the cabs and eyeing the skyscrapper. But yet love parades in smiles you meet. People seem jovial. But don't trust the cabbies, they might not even return your change. This one I took while walking though the lanes of Jakarta, in the midnight.
Kirsten Alana
After finally landing in Jakarta, we spent an awkward afternoon and night in a hotel; insulated from the country we’d just landed in and present in a sort of holding pattern, on land. The goal was eradicating jetlag yet I fell only deeper into a pit of exhaustion and confusion. I could look out of my sixth-story window and see the buildings of the city but they did not look like I imagined Indonesian buildings to look like. The rooflines in my view looked so Dutch and European, yet all were new construction, some even unfinished. This reminded me of the signs of recession I’ve already seen in half a dozen countries all across the globe in 2012. I ate my first Indonesian meal in the hotel restaurant, chicken satay. I had dinner in the same space, consisting of rice and vegetables; my first tastes of the country were lackluster at best, living up to the expectation of hotel cuisine. I never imagined such a thing would be universal when I found myself as far away from home as I could get. I hoped this, leaving room for improvement, would indeed — improve.