Agora Village

Vaishnavi Rathore
Start the morning early with a good breakfast (available at the guesthouse) for this is going to be a long day. 8 am is a good time to leave. The 16km trek to Dodital is spotted with waterfalls, villages, streams and loads of uphill walking, but you will find that the trek constantly rewards you with Oak, Fir and Rhododendron trees. Carry packed lunch when you leave from Agor, and you can choose your lunch spot from Berwa, Dharkot or Manjhi, spotted villages en-route to Dodital. We chose Manjhi, a village at over 9000 feet which also happened to be a good spot for cricket with the locals or a power nap. Continuing from here, the rest of the trek is a fun, low gradient one. Your tiring and exhausting day would come to a rewarding end at around 4 pm when you reach Dodital and are welcomed by the beautiful lake with its trout inhabitants and the mountains that envelope it. You have a choice to camp or stay at the guesthouse there; we chose to camp and it turned out to be a good decision for the night did not see a lot of dip in temperature. There is a minimal fee that needs to be paid to the authorities there for camping though, but it is definitely worth it. The area also has a small dhaaba where you can expect tea, coffee, eggs and maggie, and an open kitchen (perfect if both your burners decide to stop working.)