Chulna 1/undefined by Tripoto


Abdul Mulla
This is my first post on tripoto. I have been traveling alot lately since last one year. I have completed all the major treks in Maharashtra but there are many more to complete. As it is a saying "You cannot see everything".On my journey I have been lucky enough to get mesmerizable views and capture them. I dont own a camera, my cellphone does the job for me.Today while heading to work I decided to skip my daily route to work and take an alternate route as a friend of mine was accompanying me. It  was early morning and we were driving on a road that goes through Chulna village in Vasai. As we started heading ahead there were lush green pastures and and small rice cultivation along the route. The atmosphere was clear and sunny, the sky was perfect blue with few white clouds that made upto a to perfect scenery. The Tungareshwar ranges of Vasai were also visible from the road. We just stopped our bike and I took out my cell to click a picture. The shots that we captured made our day. They were amazing. We had never seen such views in our town at this place ever before. I was delighted about it so thought it would make a great story for my first post.