09:00 am to 5:00 pm
Entertainment activities, dance, food and drink, music, etc.
October - March
1 out of 3 attractions in Jhajjar

Pratapgarh Farms

This is a holiday resort in the Jhajjar region of Haryana and the best possible place if you want to experience the rustic atmosphere and traditional lifestyles of the Haryanvi people. This is a village themed resort with mud huts as rooms and authentic dining spaces. The rooms are extremely clean and you are sure to have a great experience in spite of them being made with mud. In the dining space, they will serve you with all the tasty Haryana food which is full of flavours and spices. You will not get the tables and chairs you usually sit on but you will have to sit on earthen low tools and eat on low desk like furniture. The ambience is awesome and colourful and you can expect to make a lot of new friends here.