Azhimala Temple Road 1/4 by Tripoto

Azhimala Temple Road

Explored Kovalam , Varkala, Veli , Shangumugam beaches in Trivandrum ? All done? might have missed this one.Azhimala beach, Trivandrum for me was like finding treasure in a god forsaken land. I used the word treasure because you might not see this one listed in your "places to visit in Trivandrum" searches. It's more like a private beach open to foreigners who stay in the near by resorts. So what makes this beach special ? It's the color of the water. It's crystal clear, mixture of deep blue and green like how you see in foreign countries and is unpolluted.No sign boards are raised on the way as for site indication and Gmaps won't respond to "Azhimal beach" query but take the Kovalam-Poovar route and follow "Azhimala temple" sign boards. There's no exclusive way built for the beach access. One has to go around the temple by walk but it's worth it. I couldn't witness sunset during my visit but from the looks of it, trust me, you don't wanna miss it :)