Monsoon Palace sajjan Garh 1/11 by Tripoto
#Monsoon palace - Just imagine its raining
Sudarshan Kribakar
Day 4, plan was to visit Sajjangarh fort and return journey till Pushkar. But I was told due to Dussehra, the fort was closed. Travelling 700 kms and returning without seeing fort didn’t make any sense. Hence I decided to at least take a snap from outside. I reached the destination and I was told by authorities that vehicles are not allowed inside and you can trek to the fort if you want. The distance was 5 km one side. Without giving it a second thought, I bought 2 liters of mineral water and started walking on a sunny day. The plan was to reach Pushkar before 6 pm but 4 hrs of my unplanned time was spent to the craze I had to visit the fort.
Praveen Gupta
6. Around 4 pm, reach Sajangarh Fort for the lovely sunset, car/bike goes until the top and it is a 5-6km ride from city. The road goes through the wild life sanctuary and Ghat, so make sure you reach there by 5pm (Check local timings as per the season you are visiting). Sajangarh fort gives you a 360-degree view of city with two big lakes and vegetation surrounding the gorgeous city.
Bhargavi Rathi
I was with my friends and wanted to watch the sunset. The beautiful view of the sunset and the aravali hills will mesmerize you. Do not forget the sit and touch the clouds and the feel the AIR