Mount Kinabalu Kota Belud Sabah Malaysia 1/2 by Tripoto
Rathina Sankari
Since long I have heard of the tallest mountain in Malaysia that talks of the vertical limit. Breathtaking views, a beautiful sunrise and a fulfilling experience filled with excitement, fear, thrill, surge of anxiety and finally a sense of accomplishment. Borneo doesn't stop to mesmerize you at every step and I am waiting eagerly to conquer this alp.
Tsai Wharton
Most will get to see the spectacular sunrise unless of course you are unlucky with the weather! The descent is steep, but the guides are excellent. A walking pole is well worth the investment as it does help the knees. You can usually get to the summit in 2-3hours and hour and a half descent, hot breakfast, then the final 6km descent can take around 3hours. A fabulous trip to include as part of your Borneo experience!