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Backwater Ripples

Neha Bhise Sadalge
Where: Kumarakom
anumeha gupta
Next day morning the same lake was calm and the scenery looked straight out of some painting.
anumeha gupta
The evening at the resort at the lakeside was peaceful. The lake was quite turbulent because of being windy. The lake is some 14km wide and 96 km long. So at night it looks like a ocean. While sitting near the lake, I discovered an app called “Sky View” on a friend's phone which shows the position of stars around you at any point of time. I was amazed at the app and seeing the various constellation in front of me via this app. I had always heard of these star gazing tours which take you out of the city and gaze at different constellations, but this app was that tour anyplace, anywhere, anytime. The resort was beautiful, but the food was pathetic and I strongly advise not eating there.
anumeha gupta
Post lunch, we went to Kumarakam and checked in our resort which is on the lake. In Kerala, don’t forget to drink the local drink toddy. It is found in very discreet of the shops and can be taken in bottles. There are some joints in which ladies would feel comfortable going in but in most of the one would have only men sitting in the joint. They do give them in the plastic bottles.The freshly made is mild and sweet and sour like buttermilk. The more it ferments, more is the alcohol content of it. There seemed to be some unrest because of the new highway and alcohol law and alcohol ban on Vishu and Good Friday.
Sudha Kumari
The Place is overlooking Vembanad lake which offers wonderful view with lush green space and beautiful lake facing swimming pool. Room Size is good but they should improve their interior setup. Food & hospitality is average.